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Once again, NomsterAds has brought us to a really nice, authentic Japanese Restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas. The shop is located nearby the Mont Kiara Korean village/Mont Kiara Uncle Jang if I am not mistaken. Aoyama Japanese Cuisine has been around for quite some time now, although I'm not exactly sure how long. Anyway, to my surprise, its actually a fusion between western and Japanese. Certainly did not look like one but nevertheless, I was expecting good results.....

The entrance

Koebi (Baby Shrimps) - RM10

Our very first serving of freshly fried baby shimps. The skin was incredibly crisp and flavourful that I continuously eat without noticing. Well, everyone pretty much did the same thing. It would certainly have went well with some alcohol, sake or soju, whilst watching a movie, in a local cinema. 

In conclusion, it was an amazing starter. Not forgetting that the shrimps were actually pretty meaty as well despite the size.

Wakazaki (Anchovies) - RM12 (Full Portion)

Another plate of crispy fried anchovies. Taste pretty similar to the Koebi but a little saltier. I presume it would go well with beer/sake/soju as well. The picture above shows a half portion.

Four Seasons - RM15

Consisting of Kurage, Baby Taco, Wasabi Sebukai & Shell Fish. This plate of cold appetizing wonders was delightful. It was soft, cold and pack full of flavour. Furthermore, one could order just 1 type of the given choices above if the customer desire so.

Special Salad and Salmon Sashimi - RM28

Separated into 2 sides, Special Salad on one side and Salmon Sashimi on the other. The Special Salad was pretty normal; a little olive oil and sesame dressing. Salmon Sashimi was pretty good, it was thinly sliced but maintain a certain amount of flesh and fat making it quite juicy.

Obi Ebi Teppan (Chawanmushi) - Market Price

Fresh river prawns at the size of almost 20cm long grilled to perfection. The additional Prawn Roe was then used on the Chawanmushi (The bowl) as the sauce and filling. The Chawanmushi was a little salty but the texture was refine. Prawns were really tender whilst maintaining sufficient flavour; the head was really nice to be sucked on. Not forgetting that little smoky taste you get from the meat itself.

This was the size of the prawn. 

Wagyu Tomato Beef  with Foie Gras and Shitake Mushroom - RM48

As per the description, the only additional item was the incredibly light and crispy fried garlic. Never have I tired something similar to this before. The beef was really tender and filled with flavour. No complains there however, the Foie Gras was pretty hard to find. We had to dig through the pot of beef in the tomato to find an average of 3-4 pieces. If only they were to put it on the side so it would be easier to find. But overall, tender, juicy and packed full of flavour.

Japanese Lamb and Mutton Burger - RM22

Japanese love their burgers without buns and I do not know why. However, the burger was served on a sizzling hot pan, giving that strong and mutton-y aroma. An egg will then be cracked and poured in around the burger. 

The egg was meant to be fully cooked but we kinda poured the egg in a little late, so the best we got was a runny 3/4 cooked egg, which in my opinion was perfect. I love runny yolks/egg. The flavours were wonderful and I really do like the additional spring onions sprinkled on top. The mayonnaise was making it a little too strong but I kinda like it that way. Eggs were cooked really smooth underneath as well. Overall, loved it.

Celeste Maki (Blue on the left)- RM28 6pcs
Volcano Maki (Red on the right) - RM22 6pcs

Celeste Maki consists of lobster salad and tempura prawns, rice mixed with blue flower topped with some mayonnaise. This was the first time I've seen a blue coloured Maki before as Japanese restaurants do not really fusion their Makis. Wonderful combination of flavours with really soft and consistent rice.

The Volcano Maki consists of crabstick, cucumber and tempura flakes. However, the sauce was the biggest surprise of all. It was a spicy sauce mixed with Tabasco. One would expect that would taste weird but no, it was divine. The richness of their home-made chili paste with that sour-tanginess from the Tabasco really brought up the flavour. Frankly, I literally licked the plate clean from the sauce with chopsticks and a spoon. One of my favourite dishes that afternoon.

Tuna Platter - Unknown

This was really a plate of tuna wonders. Different method of preparing a tuna all on a long white plate. Unfortunately we weren't able to try this as it was a special order or some kind. Truthfully, I really wanted to take one and said it was an accident haha.

Kyuushu Soyu Ramen - RM 28 (10 servings a day only)

A choice between spicy or non-spicy, the Kyuushu Soyu Ramen was packed full of flavour. I personally prefer the spicy one since I love eating spicy. However, the only issue that I would like to address was the overall taste. It was really spicy but that was pretty much all I could get. The spiciness was great but I'd expected some additional background flavours as well. However, I did realize that I overdid the additional chili paste, that was why I could only taste spiciness.

The regular Kyuushu Soyu Ramen was really flavourful. Both the broth were cooked for more than 24 hours to achieve such taste. Its main ingredients are chicken bones, lots of them, radish, onions, leeks and kumbu. The other bloggers preferred this one instead because they said the spicy one was overpowering. Both the noodles were really consistent which was a good thing, the chicken rolls were also really juicy.

This was the additional chili paste, all made in house.

Oceanblue, Green Tea, Vanilla Yuzu and Black Sesame Nuts - RM8 per scoop / RM16 per plate

To get the facts right, RM8 per scoop consist of 2 scoops from the plate (the size). Just saying as we were confused when the owner said it was RM8 per scoop and it was that small. 

Oceanblue - Sea Salted ice cream, something new and refreshing, a little weird at first but as you continue, it gets better
Green Tea - One of the smoothest and richest Green Tea ice cream I've tried. It also has that really nice bitter end and a well mixed red bean paste.
Vanilla Yuzu - The Yuzu was a little too subtle for me but the additional sake was great. Gives you that small kick that you need from the dessert.
Black Sesame Nuts - Roasted Black and White Sesame with grounded nuts. Gave a really nice, rich, smooth and nutty flavour. Loved it as well.

This conclude the review for Aoyama Japanese Cuisine. I personally believe that with the given amount of effort and quality of the food, I would rate it a 8.4/10. Everything was made in house and from scratch, well not all but most of them. The price for Aoyama may be a little on the high side but the quality is assured. If you wish to try something less pricey, they are having a set lunch promotion for Ramen at only RM9.90. The finalize, it was a really nice dining experience with comfortable interior decor and music.


No.8, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday - 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Sunday - 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm

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