Pastryville @ Subang Parade, SS16

9:57:00 PM

We finally got a chance to try Pastryville's New Opening at Subang Parade. The first branch was in E@Curve and they were promoting all over Facebook. The pastries looked scrumptious, making me longing to try it for once. In their recent opening (29 September 2013), there was a buy 1 free 1 promotion for all pastry/bread. However, the moment we arrived there, it was all sold out.

Entrance, located in front of Komugi.

Lunch and Dinner set

This was what's left.

Ice Lemon Tea

Regular ice lemon tea, nothing special.

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese - RM18.90 per set

A classic serving of spaghetti chicken bolognese. The flavour was really mild and almost bland. I wish they had added fresh herbed cherry tomato or at least seasoned it properly. The texture of minced meat and sauce was pretty good, I liked it. Portion was a little small for me but I believe for girls it would be enough.

Meatballs Marinara - RM18.90 per set

Another simple plate of meatballs marinara. The chicken was too soft for me, it broke off very easily. Flavour was also a little dull and portion was also quite small.

Chocolate Brownies

This came together with the dinner set. They were extremely tiny but it was pretty good. It was rich with chocolate but was rather hard. Wish it was slightly sweeter and moist.

In conclusion, I think the food were pretty reasonable but I do wish on them to improve their flavours. The prices weren't really that expensive but if they were to include a small bowl of soup, it would be well worth the money. I was a little too late for the buy 1 free 1 pastry promotion as they were all sold out by 3pm in the afternoon; I came at 8.30pm.

Lot No LG 29H(I), 
Lower Ground Floor,
Subang Parade,
No.5, Jalan SS16/1,
47500, Subang Jaya

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  1. Must be to whatever places that offer opening promotion as early as possible. Malaysians just rush everywhere whenever there's promotion going on :p