Crayon Burger @ SS15, Subang Jaya

6:05:00 PM

Here is another shout out to NomsterAds for having to invite us to Crayon Burger, located at the heart of SS15 right infront of the morning markets.



French Fries

Hashtag Chicken Burger - RM15.50

Zombie Beef Burger - RM14

The Boss Beef Burger - RM14

The Boss Beef Burger with Milk Bun - RM14

Peanut Butter Burger - RM15

Cheese Fondue Burger - RM15.50

Classic Crayon (Chicken) Burger - RM12

Double Rainbow Beef Burger - RM18

I will get straight to the point. 

1. The Bun: The only reason why I see potential in Crayon Burger was because of its coloured bun. I thought they were filled with individual flavouring or texture according to its colour. Perhaps red would be curry bun and green would be green tea bun or something. Well I was wrong. They were all for aesthetic purposes. I'm not saying that it doesn't look appealing but to me, don't do something that has no impact on its outcome.

2. The Patty (beef): In the photos, the patty look pretty decent. Most of them looked pretty well cooked. Sadly to say, they were pretty bad. The patty breaks off too easily. There wasn't much of a bite to it and not to mention that the flavours were pretty lacking. Also, the patty had a pungent beefy scent. I like my patty with a little essence of beef, but not too much. This was just overpowering. 

3. The Patty (chicken): It was salty and dry

4. Caramelized Onions: Possibly the worst I've tried. Smelled horrible and tasted really funky. It smells and tasted like the onions were leftovers from the previous night or something. That is one thing that they HAVE to improve.

5. Sauces: As far as I noticed or am aware, only The Boss has a wasabi mayonnaise sauce to the burger. The other one which I managed to figure out was the fondue chicken, apparently it was a special sauce. Didn't taste that special to me. This could be linked back to the first point, the buns. If each buns has a designated sauce selection, that would give the buns more meaning. Without it, it would be like a Mercedes/BMW with no engine or tires.

6. Cheese: For some reason, I could not taste any cheese in any burger at all. Why on earth..?

7. Vegetables: I believe that some bloggers that attended this hangout would agree with me that the vegetables were slightly dull and under coloured. Almost like it was stored for weeks.

8. Nachos in Burger: This applies only for the Cheese Fondue Burger. I do not mind the idea of having some nacho chips in my burger, but there have to be a certain way to execute it properly. I personally like the idea but I find the results disappointing. 

9. Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam: I know the Peanut Butter burger has already been done by myBurgerlab. Unfortunately I was unable to try due to shortage of time and money. I will try soon but anyway, I like the idea of having a peanut butter burger. The peanut butter tasted okay on the patty. The only issue was the raspberry. It was incredibly sweet and the beef bacon inside was extremely tough. If they were to improve, I'm pretty sure they will succeed. 

10. Conclusion: I believe that the buns were pretty consistent and colourful, which is a good thing. But I find the lack of identity of each colour disturbing and pointless. Some elements such as caramelized onions, patty and cheese should be tremendously improved. To be honest, this was my second time at Crayon Burger and the first time wasn't so bad. If they do not step up their game, Big Hug and Big Chomp Burgers might annihilate them.  

Crayon Burger,
38, Jalan SS15/4, 
Subang Jaya 
45200 Selangor, Malaysia

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