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1:33:00 AM

Initially, I came here with Pig for the sake of the coffee free flow, but ended up ordering other stuff as well.

Hazelnut Cappuccino - RM10 (Free Flow)

For a cup of free flowed coffee, they are very willing in putting on some coffee art for you. It is rather hard to find baristas like these. Most of them would just chuck you a cup of hopeless brewed coffee due to the price. This cup was rich, aromatic and taste pretty good too. The hazelnut was very obvious, the cappuccino felt like it was right behind the hazelnut supporting it.

Iced Cappuccino - RM10 (Free Flow)

Nice milky cup of iced cappuccino. Nothing much to demand for considering that its free flow. Similar to the Hazelnut Cappuccino, the taste is actually not bad. However, some may find the milk is a little too much in the cappuccino. But besides that, everything seems pretty good.

Piccolo Latte - RM10 (Free Flow)

A pretty strong coffee taste considering that there was milk in there. Didn't really fancy this one.

Espresso - RM10 (Free Flow)

A strong, rich and aromatic cup of espresso. Have 1 shot of this and it would keep most people awake throughout the night. The espresso is indeed quite bitter but it has a little sour after taste as well. I'm not really an expert on coffee, but I somehow do not really enjoy that sourness at the end. I just want that kick of caffeine with I drink an espresso.

French Fries - RM8

A bucket of fresh thick cut golden french fries served with spicy mayonnaise. The fries were pretty good. They were crisp on the outside and starchy inside, just the way I prefer it. It was also served golden brown which has a very nice visual appearance. Not over-fried, which is a marvelous thing. Well seasoned with salt, spicy mayonnaise was pretty normal, but I liked it.

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream - RM25-30

Brownies were pretty good. They were soft, warm, rich, not too sweet, not too bland, nice textured and addictive. The ice cream was good, the only issue was that it melted very quickly. Not more than 20 seconds, the ice cream has already melted like what you see in the photo. However, the combination of both brownies and ice cream together was really nice. Loved it.

Penne Seafood Carbonara - RM26

First and foremost, the muscle was fresh and mildly flavoured. The carbonara was rich and creamy, but not so as to one might vomit after having more than 5 bites. 95% of the penne was cooked perfectly, only some were still a little undercooked. Sprinkling herbs around the plate doesn't really make any difference to the taste, so I do find it a little pointless. Overall, a pretty good pasta.

Cottage Pie - RM22

Beginning with the texture, it has different unique elements to help create that chewyness. I could taste meat, carrots, potato etc. Furthermore, the sauce was pretty salty and it complimented the pie very well. It kinds reminds me of eating another form of lasagna. Love the flavour and texture of the cottage pie.

Red Velvet Cake - RM12

The cake was really moist which is pretty good. Its fluffier than most Red Velvet I've eaten as well. Others were pretty dense. Cream cheese was acceptable, I wouldn't say the best, but its quite alright. Overall, the cake was soft, fluffy and it tasted pretty good. No complains whatsoever but I do believe they can improve.


Publika, Block D4, Level G3, 
Unit 3A, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, 

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    1. They were pretty good actually. Was rather surprised that even with the free flow the quality was on par. haha.