D' Dream Cafe @ SS2

8:00:00 AM

Thanks to OpenRice, we were invited to this cute Doraemon cafe located at the heart of SS2. The owner is a big fan of Doraemon and he loves Taiwanese food. By combining both this attributes, he has made most of our childhood dream come true, a museum filled with Doraemon and reasonable priced food.

The entrance.

Braised Pork Rice

A simple serving of minced braised pork with rice, vegetables and additional Doraemon fish cakes. Looked quite bad at first to be honest but it taste pretty good. The rice was well cooked and the minced braised pork was flavourful. However, it was a little salty but thats okay.

Three-cup Phoenix with Rice

I do not know why is this called three-cup phoenix but regardless, it tasted pretty okay. The soup was a little salty whilst the chicken remained a lot of its bones. Kinda troublesome but bones is what gives it flavour. 

Red-Braised Beef Ramen

Lovely braised tender beef with ramen noodles. Flavourful, consistent and awesome soup, not to mention cheap as well.

Popcorn Chicken

Taiwanese styled fried chicken. Much better than any I've tasted before in Malaysia, not sure about Taiwan. Crispy and flavourful outside, tender and moist inside. 

Taiwanese Stewed Bean Curd

Thinly sliced fried beancurd with minced pork and gravy. It was crispy outside but I'd expect it to be crispier. Regardless, its a pretty good snack/side dish.

Pork Chop Ramen

Fried pork chop with dry ramen noodles. I did not really like this one as it tasted similar to Indomee or instant noodles. It was merely salty and nothing else. Pork chop was good though.

Sweet Potato Fries with Sour Plum Powder

One of the best sweet potato fries I've tried. Crispy yet moist and filling inside. The additional sour plum powder adds a little zing to it. Although weird at first, it turns out to be pretty good.

Bouncy Golden Sweet Potato Balls

Slighlty different from regular Taiwanese Sweet Potato Balls. The one I had in Fong Lye was much easier to chew. This one however was a little more chewing and hard. Having said that, I actually prefer this one as it has more bite to it.

Herbal Jelly with Milk

I love herbal jelly but I believe the milk made the whole thing a little too weird for me. The milk kinda gave me that heaty-feeling which I do not desire. Furthermore, the dessert wasn't cold. 

Fruit Punch

Individually made fruit punch, full of fruits and flavour, not to mention refreshing.

Lovely Doraemon collection, about 800 of them here. The owner said that he has more at home and about a total of 3000 pieces. Crazy, but a dream come true. A tiny Doraemon museum in Malaysia.


70A,1st Floor,
Jalan SS2/60,
Petaling Jaya (North),

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  1. Honestly - Food looks a little - Well, subpar leh.
    I have a soft spot for sweet potato balls though =)

    1. haha, it does look quite bad but the taste was pretty good. it was actually pretty surprising lar. u know what i mean haha. the balls were really chewy and sweet haha! =D