Jang-gun Korean Restaurant @ Fahrenheit 88

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Thanks to OpenRice, we were invited to join them in a Korean Buffet Restaurant located in Fahrenheit 88. This post is a little late as I've forgotten about it, so here it is! Since it's a buffet post, the review will be at the end, before that it be mostly photos.

The entrance.

Soup, stew and seafood section.

First and foremost, we must all remember that this is a buffet, so the quality expected from these kinda things should be much lower than others. In terms of varieties, they had plenty, almost too much to try everything. However, as one would expect, not everything was that good. I will only highlight few of the stuff I've tried below.

Salmon Sashimi - Was not bad, thick and juicy.
Taco Sashimi - Chewy, bland, regular.
Tuna Sashimi - Was pretty alright, expected a little more.
Salmon Sushi - Pretty normal.
Korean Kimchijiigae - Was pretty good actually, the stew was thick and full of flavour.
Korean Soon Dobu Jigae - Beanpaste stew was pretty flavourful, not bad.
Sushi in general - Was pretty okay, Sushi King kinda quality.
Salad (Vegetables) - Wasn't as fresh, sauce was quite limited
Fruits - Melon was good, others was quite bad.
Chocolate Fondue - Options were limited, chocolate didn't tasted cheap.
Korean Side Dishes - All of them were pretty bad.
BBQ section - Some of the meat had lots of fat in them that I couldn't chew but flavours were alright.
Rice - It was actually those Japanese/Korean fat rice, extra points!
Glass Noodles - Quite good.
Tempura - Soggy and hard, really bad.
Desserts - Normal expected buffet quality.

In conclusion, I believe that Jang-gun has pretty similar qualities to most buffet restaurants except it's choice of food. It excels in a certain way but fails in some as well. Overall, I believe they should focus more on improving it's Korean dishes.

The following will be the highlight of the event, Jang-gun's very own sorbet, The 'Squeeze-it'.

Look at all the flavours, all 11 of them.

The 11 flavours of those nipple-looking-thing are:

Wild Berries
Green Tea
Premium Yogurt
Hazelnut Chocolate
Premium Banana
Premium Raspberry

I have to say, this was one of the experiences that I never forget. The preparation of the Squeeze-it was really interesting, they had to roll it over a flat board for about 30 seconds depending on how fast you want to suck it. The longer they roll, the faster you have to suck. 

All the flavours were really good, I could not decide on which I liked best. It may have looked small but it does take a certain amount of them to finish sucking them. Overall, I really loved it and I tried all the flavours, ALL 11 of them. My stomach at that moment felt like a balloon. 

Squeeze-it can be bought at Shogun Xpress in Midvalley Carrefour at the price of RM6.90 -RM7.90.


Lot G1, 27 01-04,
Ground Floor,
Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. I think i've seen this place before during my previous trip down to KL, i wonder how much does it cost for a buffet dinner? I'll murder all sashimi and sorbet muahahahaaha

    1. RM50 - 70 bucks lol. The sorbet isn't free hahaha! i forgotten to mention, the buffet only allows you to take 1 per person haha.

  2. Replies
    1. wah.u still got visit my blog ah? ahahahahha...