House - Restaurant - Bar - Winepost @ e@Curve, Damansara

9:28:00 AM

Out of curiosity, we decided to try House at e@Curve (formerly known as Cineleisure). It was an impulse decision that we did not think it through, perhaps because of the interior design and wine, it looked quite fancy. Expectations went up and....oh well..

The entrance, fancy looking signboard they have.

Spaghetti Beef Bolognese - RM25.90

Pardon the 2 similar shots, I was still trying to learn and understand the basis of my external flash. Anyway, for a price like that, I would expect some real quality sauce or even the use of herbs to create different layers of indulgence. Unfortunately, no. The price tag was just for show, I could have similar spaghetti at almost anywhere with the price tag or RM11-15. 

I was not impressed. The sauce was average, the pasta was cooked perfectly (which is a good thing), cheese was average, overall composition of taste was just average. Personally, it was just overprice. 

Carbonara Beef Bacon - RM25.90

Again, 2 similar shots, testing out flash. Similar to the Beef Bolognese, everything was average. The sauce felt like it came out of a can, the bacon was under-flavoured, spaghetti was cooked perfectly, overall taste was just...meh. Serving something like this, might as well not sell it. 

Peppermint Tea - RM9.90

Pardon the over-flash at the top of the pot. The peppermint tea served here was quite different compared to many others. I remember that Plan B and Ben's uses T2 Tea, which was great. This was just alright. Not to mention it was slightly more expensive than T2Tea. Aroma and taste was bland, nothing stood out. Not worth it.


 G25 & G26, eCurve, 
No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, 
Mutiara Damansara,
 47810 Petaling Jaya,

Operating hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11am - 1am
Sunday: 11am - 12am

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  1. Sounds like a bad experience on their food and i thought the prices are not cheap too

    1. Yeah. It wasn't really that bad but it sure wasn't good.