TOUS les JOURS @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

1:44:00 PM

I wanted to try this Korean-styled bakery cafe since forever. Always had no chance to cause something else or other restaurants came up. Finally, after God knows how many decades, I've managed to try it.

The entrance


Hot Chocolate - RM8

Loved the mug served. Its simple yet appealing. The chocolate art on the surface was alright, not too bad. The taste was also pretty good. It was rich with chocolate goodness unlike some who served pretty diluted cup nonsense. It was a little too sweet for me on that night but I believe that is alright. Price to portion wise, I believe its pretty standard. I've seen restaurant charging 12 bucks for a cup smaller than that before.

Strawberry Milk Bread - RM3.80

One of the reason why I wanted to try Tous les Jours. However, I really wanted to try the original Milk Bread but it was sold out that night, Anyway, this wan my only substitute. The bread was really soft and fluffy to chew on. Kinda reminds me a bit of the Chinese Mantao, just lighter. Inside, there was a kind of strawberry cream custard filling. It still had some bits of strawberry inside. The cream had a very rich strawberry taste (not artificial) and it doesn't taste artificially sweet as well.

Custard Croquette - RM3.30

Looked interesting, although it was merely a croquette fried with cornflakes, I'd still like a bite. However, I was pretty disappointed at my first bite. The cornflakes was soft and soggy, the bread was tough and dense, the cream custard was lumpy and dry. All of which I'd expect otherwise. I'm not sure whether or not it was placed there for a long time, but in the end, it was bad.

Sweet Red Bean Bun - RM2.80

Thought of trying some red bean bun since it has been quite some time I've had one. Since the price was pretty cheap, I just took it without much thoughts. However, I personally find the bun a little dry. It has a very nice crust and it smells pretty good too, but the texture inside was as dry as a wholemeal bun. The red bean paste however was pretty good. Not too sweet, not too bland, smooth yet rough texture. Only the portion was extremely little.

Praline Cream Bread - RM4.50

This piece of bread was actually suggested by one of the employees there. She said it was pretty good with butter custard inside. Well, I thought 'Oh what the heck' and took it. It was quite aromatic, as if it was fresh out of the oven. The bread was similar to the Red Bean Bun, slightly dry. Furthermore, the nuts on top added some extra crunch so it kinda felt unpleasant. The custard filling tasted a bit like Kaya, a improved version. Overall, it wasn't exactly that bad, but I'd expected more.


Telawi Square,
Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

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