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Once again, I would personally like to thank OpenRice for the opportunity to dine in a Thai restaurant located in Sri Petaling called Krathong Thai Restaurant. However, do prepare yourself for a restaurant without air conditioning. The place was pretty stuffy and hot before 7.30pm, but after that, it was rather cooling.

Krathong entrance!


Our 2 boss of the day! 

Nothing else better to do haha

The other side of the restaurant.

Menu of the day

Felt like someone important sitting at the end of the table. But then again, I'm small...

Pineapple Fried Rice (Khow Ob Sapparod) - RM9 (Individual)

To be honest, it looked more like Nasi Briyani compared to what it was supposed to be. Anyway, I didn't like the fact they did not serve this on a empty pineapple shell. I believe the presentation of the pineapple was vital and it could help enhance the sweetness of the fried rice. 

Furthermore, the rice was a little too wet, musky or even mushy. Lacking of raisins and pineapple could be the core reason why the fried rice was kinda 'not-sweet'. Overall, the taste was bland and kinda unappetizing. When I normally go for Thai food, my senses starts to tingle and I would crave for more, but for this, it just wasn't there.

Pandan Chicken (Kai Ho Bai Toey) - RM16/30 (Small/Large)

Lovely chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. The chicken was soft, tender, juicy and most importantly, flavourful. Besides that, it also smells amazing once you unwrapped the pandan leaves, the rich and sweet aroma of the chicken starts poofing up. Possibly the only dish that I truly liked on that evening.

Steamed Fish Krathong Style (Telapia) - Prices are seasonal

Firstly, I would like to point out my love for sour and spicy food. Almost every Thai restaurant I've been to in the past I would order some kinda spicy sour fish. However, what I'd expect from this fish was rather disappointing. The fish was neither spicy nor sour. It was neither flavourful nor bland. It was a little here and there but the overall results just wasn't good enough. However, the fish was quite fresh, but in the end, I did not really liked it.

Prawn Otak Otak

Looked interesting, smells pretty good, but again, tasted rather bland. It has an interesting texture; crunchiness from the crust, softness from the prawns, crispiness from the vegetables but all and all, it just couldn't pull of the flavour part. It was so bland that I've tasted Mihun more flavourful than this. If only the taste could be improved, it would be a pretty decent appetizer.

Stir-fried Vegetables

Nothing particularly special. A simple plate of stir-fried vegetables with a strong black pepper taste. Besides that, it was pretty bland. The vegetables however, were fresh, crunchy and looked very appetizing. The colors were pretty much saying "I'm so healthy, eat me!". Overall, just another plate of vegetables.

Tom Yum Soup with Prawns - RM27/2 (Small/Large)

The star of the day, Tom Yum Soup! Who would enter a Thai restaurant and not order a bowl of Tom Yum soup? A bowl of warm, spicy and tangy soup with lots of fresh ingredients is just the way to go; especially with lots of mushrooms! 

Anyway, this bowl of Tom Yum wasn't all that bad. It has some of the qualities of a good Tom Yum, but sadly it wasn't enough. The soup was slightly spicy and tangy. It wasn't as flavourful as I'd expected it to be. It was okay, but that's all. Having said that, no one could finish the bowl of Tom Yum because they said it was too spicy, so I ended up drinking the whole bowl. The Tom Yum wasn't that bad, I just don't like to see wastage. 

Mango Pulut - RM3.50

Cutlets of manga with glutinous rice with a kind of cream sauce (hopefully not diluted condensed milk). I did not like this plate of dessert due to the fact it was too starchy. The glutinous rice was good; it was thick, rich, slightly salty and had a really nice texture. The mango wasn't that great but it was okay. The cream was just too much for me. I couldn't handle all that power. So in the end, I only had like 2 bites.

Thap Thim Krob - RM3

A Thai version of shaved ice in a bowl. In general, the syrup was a little too sweet for me but to some people it was okay. The red water chestnut was pretty cute, but this kinda thing isn't really what I like. The ice texture was pretty normal, nothing really special. Overall, to me it may be a bit too sweet, but for anyone who has sweet tooth, it may be just right.

Thai Cendol - RM2.50

Thai version of cendol. Not really what I like. Don't get me wrong, I love cendol. I would drive all the way to Melaka just to have Durian Cendol, but this wasn't good enough. The brown Malaccan sugar wasn't aromatic enough, the ice were pretty normal, the milkiness wasn't there, only the green cendol jelly was alright. Overall, didn't really enjoy it. But its a good way to cool your stomach down after all that spiciness. 

The slaughtering of the fish

2 fish escaped and fell on the floor

That man is the owner of the restaurant

Won this cute little Cup Cap from one of the OpenRice's game. Using it now!

In conclusion, I find the food a little too bland for my taste. However, I do hear some of them saying that they enjoyed the food there. The owner was also really nice to us. I kinda feel bad for saying the food wasn't good. In terms of flavour, I would still prefer going for myElephant at Section 17 myElephant Review


D1 & D2, Glass City,
Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Sri Petaling, 57000,
Kuala Lumpur

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