Foodtique @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

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Me and pig went to Bangsar not knowing what to eat for dinner. We thought we might as well just gamble our way there and see what have we not tried. After arriving at Jalan Telawi, we circled around looking for restaurant. I do recall seeing Foodtique under construction and I did not know when was it going to be opened. So happen it had, so we went right in.

The restaurant's interior was pretty artsy and stuff. Although I do have to admit the placement or choice of tables were pretty redundant. Almost 50% of the tables were for 6-8 people. Every couple we saw were just taking one corner of the table. Not sure if this is a new way of socializing with strangers but oh well.

The main entrance


The interior and those long tables which I'm talking about.

Roasted Meat (3 Combo) - RM15.90

My order of Roasted Meat 3 item combo which includes Gui Fei Chicken, Roasted Duck and Rice. Surprisingly the rice is considered as 1 item on plate. Anyway, the portion was very small, as expected. But the ratio of meat to rice was rather generous. Not sure if they think that rice is more expensive than meat.

The roast duck had great flavour. It was juicy and well seasoned. However, the meat was a little tough and there was a thick layer of fat beneath the skin. For those who like fat duck, it should be fine but I prefer leaner duck meat with less fat on the skin. The skin wasn't crispy, in fact it was actually soft and gelatin-like.

The chicken was sweet, tender and juicy. I could still taste some of the natural chicken flavours even with the sauce on top. In conclusion, I prefer the flavour of the duck more than the chicken whilst the texture of the chicken more than the duck. Also, it comes with a bowl of soup which was pretty rich as well.

Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice - RM14.90

Reasonably portion, looks delicious and smells not-that-quite-amazing-yet. It also comes with 2 types of chili provided. One of it was green chili with grounded ginger, similar to those from a chicken rice shop. The other was an extremely delicious, sweet, smoked, aromatic and mild chili. This could be one of the best tasting mild chili I've tried. 

The fried rice looked clean and wasn't very oily. It was also pretty light as you require the chili to boost its flavour. Salted fish was not as intense as some others I've tried. Portion wise, good enough for a meal but should be pretty normal to a girl.

This is what happens when the chili was awesome.

The meal!


Foodtique @ Telawi Square,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur.
(Next to TOUS les JOURS)

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