Seoul Scape Bistro @ Kota Damansara

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Thanks to Foodirector I was able to satisfy my cravings for Korean food. It has been some time since I've eaten any Korean dish as well.

The shop has some really cute designs.

Look at the amount of SNSD album on that rack

Lots of fun collectables


Jeuksuk Ddeobokki - RM30 (2pax) , RM45 (4-5pax)

A pot of soup which is slightly spicy and sweet. The mixture of various amount of meat and vegetables created a really nice pot of soup. The ingredients were not exactly 'fresh' ingredients, but as an overall result, it was pretty good. Each ingredient gave a different texture to chew on, similar to having steamboat. Furthermore, instant Korean noodles were placed into the pot and cooked. Overall, I do quite like it. I couldn't stop getting my hands on more soup and rice. 

Korean Side-dishes - FOC

First and foremost, I believe it was cold seasoned potato. Simple, flavourful, good appetizers. Secondly, the almighty kimchi. Every Korean restaurant would have it, every drama would show it, every one would know about it. Spicy, sour and tangy. Love the flavour and freshness. Last, roasted nuts and anchovies. Anchovies are really salty with a nice coating, nuts aren't my personal favourite.

Cooking of 2 pots.

Budae Jjigea Army Stew (Army Stew) - RM30 (2pax) , RM45 (4-5pax)

Believe it or not, the idea of the "Army Stew" sparked during the Korean world war. Citizens of Korea were extremely poor and they couldn't afford proper meals. However, they decided on throwing whatever they could find or gather into a pot of boiling water and started eating. After generations, the idea and recipe was brought forward and improved, the results are what you see in any Korean restaurants today. The owner actually explained the origins of the stew to us. Thanks a lot!

This pot may seem pretty similar to the previous one, but its slightly different. The soup was slightly thicker compared to the first pot whilst being spicier as well. The taste didn't differ that much. I could still taste the sourness, sweetness and spiciness from different element in the soup.

Jeyuk Bokkeum (Stir-fried Spicy Pork) - RM18

Stir-fried pork with kimchi and chili paste. I love spicy food so I'm pretty bias towards this. However, the taste of the pork wasn't easily identified. I initially thought it was chicken. But anyway, the spiciness overpowered almost all the flavour in the dish, but then again, I'm okay with it being just spicy. Love to serve it with a bowl of rice.

Korean Galbi (Marinated Pork) - RM18

I personally do not fancy this dish that much. It was lacking in both flavour and texture. The additional chili powder on top were pretty pointless. Meat were pretty dry and overcooked, vegetables were pretty boring. Only had a few bites, not impressed.

Kimchi Jjigae - RM20

My personal favourite star of the evening. Hot piping spicy Kimchi Jjigae, mixed with Korean sticky rice, awesome mouth watering meal on a cold evening. Loved the spiciness, sourness, the excitement when I eat rice along with the soup. However, this Kimchi Jjigae has a thicker and richer texture compared to many other Korean restaurant's that I've tried. Conclusion, absolutely love it; also my main reason for having 6 servings of rice. 

Look at the determination!

Thanks to one of the co-owner of the restaurant to prepare this herself

Me and Pig and everyone else

The entrance!


No 18-1, Jln PJU 5/20B, 
The Strand Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya

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