Xia Mian Guan @ Sunway Pyramid

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Thanks to Foodirector agian we were invited to a rather classy Chinese restaurant located in Sunway Pyramid.

Xia Mian Guan literal Chinese translation means "Downstairs Close" . I do not know its real meaning.

Its located on the outer part of Pyramid, next to Overtime, infront of Shabu Shabu.

The interior

Our VIP room

The manager and out dear friend Jackson

Chinese Caesar Salad with Soft Shell Crab, Roasted Sesame Sauce and Black Pepper Mayonnaise - RM48

When the waiter brought this in, all of us were confused. Why would there be a western salad in a Chinese restaurant. The manager however, told us that this was their implementation of a salad fit for the locals.

Anyway, we placed both the soft shell crab in the salad and poured the given sauces and started mixing. Later on served individually. To my surprise, the salad actually tasted pretty good. I was expecting it to fail one way or another but no, it did not. I pretty much liked it a lot. 

To begin, the salad was fresh, the soft shell crab was crispy and meaty, there was plenty of eggs and I love eggs, the sauce was good, everything was complimenting one another. Also, I would like to emphasize that the salad was very 'eggy'. Loved it.

Wintermelon with Chili Flakes - RM8

Refreshing zangy rectangular slices of wintermelon served with chili flakes. Personally one of my favourite dish. The wintermelon was light, mildly spicy, sweet and sour at the same time. The flavours were pretty decent and one could not simply stop eating. Somehow, I got addicted to wintermelon. They're also pretty crunchy, similar to biting a cucumber. Overall, loved it.

Crispy Beancurd Skin - RM8/8pcs

Another one of my favourite dish, the Crispy Beancurd Skin. Looks simple but taste delicious. Inside each pocket of the beancurd, there were mushrooms. The manager said there was 3 types of mushrooms but honestly, I could only taste one, which was Enokitake. However, even with only able to taste 1 mushroom, it was still really good. The skin was light and crispy, the fillings were packed with flavours, absolutely loved it.

Smoked Duck Eggs - RM5/1 egg (whole)

I love eggs and furthermore, I really liked the presentation. The idea of placing half an egg on a spoon and just eating it in 1 go was good. Kinda reminds me of the TV Cooking series "The Taste". Anyway, the eggs were quite smooth as well as runny yellow yolk. The only thing that I didn't really like was the excessive use of soy sauce. If they could just minimize it a little, it would be great. Also, the price for RM5 an egg is a bit expensive, but its duck eggs, so you kinda expected it there.

These were all the appetizers

Braised Pork Cubes with Dry Beancurd in Soy Sauce - RM28

Thick juicy cubes of pork, having 50/50 in meat and fat, was definitely a ticket to the hospital with my arteries bursting with fats and oil. The cubes were good but I personally find the meat a little tough, not much, just a little. The fatty layer was great, felt like fats melting. The sauce for me, was sufficient to taste, but some say the flavours weren't totally emulsified in the meat. But overall, I quite liked it, besides the fact that I could go to the hospital anytime soon.

Imperial Beancurd with Shimeiji Mushrooms - RM20/4pcs

Homemade tofu layered with vegetables on top then fried all together to create this uniquely textured tofu. The skin was rather crispy but the tofu was quite inconsistent. I could still feel lumps of it somewhere inside. The gravy however wasn't to my liking. It was simply another regular tofu dish, I'd expected more since the appetizers were good.

Imperial Beancurd with Crabmeat Sauce - RM20/4pcs

Similar to the previous dish only in a different sauce. I actually prefer this version more. The crabmeat sauce taste slightly better than the mushroom sauce. Also, I could still chew bits and pieces of the crabmeat which is something that I personally prefer. Overall, the taste were still pretty similar, nothing really special.

Meatball with Abalone Sauce - RM20

A fairly large piece of ball placed on top of tiny "bok choy" served with Abalone sauce. I initially thought this was a joke, but then again, I tried it. It was pretty good. Soft tender meat with a hint of salted fish inside. Good texture with decent flavours, everything was pretty average. Not something I would personally order but nevertheless, it wasn't that bad.

Special Fried Rice with Cheese and Roasted Pork - RM20

I love rice, I can eat an average of 5 bowls of rice each meal if the dishes are good. This however, was bad. It wasn't bad till its inedible, but it was just so bland. The rice was cooked nicely but the flavours are lacking. The roast pork to me seemed abit overcooked. The whole thing just tasted like oiled rice with spring onions topped with cheese. Again, the cheese does no benefit to the fried rice whatsoever, I do not see the point in doing so. Overall, lacking in flavour, pointless cheese, not what I like.

Spare Ribs with Red Wine Sauce - RM16/bone (serving on top is 2 bones)

Juicy tender spare ribs in red wine sauce. Another one of my favourite. The meat was tender and juicy, the sauce was flavourful, I love chewing on the bones itself, good. But, like the pork cubes, these ribs share the common problem, the flavours were absorbed into the meat, just outside. Perhaps the marination period wasn't long enough. But personally, I find it okay. 

Star Grouper with XO sauce and Pamelo Sauce - RM88

The photo on top is XO sauce and the one below is Pamelo Sauce. There are 2 variants to this dish. The steam fish would be served with XO sauce whilst the fried one in pamelo sauce. I personally liked the XO sauce more. The fish was more noticeable and it was well complimented with the sauce. The fried one was a little too thick on the batter. I could barely taste any fish at all. However, the pamelo sauce was pretty good, although many might mistaken it for a regular sweet and sour sauce. 

Kai Lan with Fried Kai Lan Leaves - RM20

The Kai Lan looks fresh and really appetizing. The saturated green was tempting me to take the entire plate for myself. The crispy fried Kai Lan Leaves was really interesting. Instead of serving regular Kai Lan, they've manage to find a new method to serve. The leaves however was a little bit too salty for most of us, but nevertheless, the technique used produced some very pleasing results. 

Claypot Curry with Prawns and Long Fried Mantao - RM6/pcs of prawns, minimum 6 in a bowl

The curry was rich, aromatic and flavourful. However, it was a little too salty. I really liked the curry, along with its prawns. The prawns were fresh, juicy and tender. Curry was packed with flavour, milky and slightly spicy as well. The mantao was really good. Crispy exterior with soft and warm interior. Loved it.

Stew Noodles with Minced Pork, Eggplant with Teochew sauce - RM16

An extremely long name for a plate of noodles with eggplant. For some reasons, I didn't really like this dish that much. It reminded me of those hawker Wan Tan Noodles more than its own identity. The additional eggplant and minced pork didn't help much. It was slightly spicy and salty, nothing very special. Besides the portion and price, I don't see any other reason to order this.

Pork Bone Soup/Shanghai Noodle Soup - RM6 (The photo has 2 servings, so its RM12)

An extremely cheap bowl of noodles, even cheaper than Dragon-i. Because of such price, I would say I liked this bowl of noodle quite a bit. The soup was filled with bone flavour which was a good thing. The noodles were pretty normal but overall, because of the price, its worth it. 

Noodles with Shredded Pork and Shrimp with Spring Onion in Soy Sauce - RM16

Another bloody long name for a bowl of noodle. Again, I do not really like this noodle that much because of similar reasons to the previous plate of noodles. Reminds me of Wan Tan Mee.

Smoked Farm Chicken Pu Er Leaves - RM72 (Whole chicken, the photo above shows half a chicken)

The last dish to seal the event. This plate of smoked chicken was pretty impressive. The taste of the smokeyness was not only on the crispy skin, but inside the meat as well. I believe I could say that the smoking of this chicken was rather successful. The flavours were pretty good as well. Last but not least, the tenderness and juiciness of the chicken were not lacking. Overall, loved it as well.


Oasis Boulevard,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
3,Jalan PJS 11/15,
Kuala Lumpur 46150,

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