Taste Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (TasteMIGF) Event 2013 Part 1 @ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

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Introduction to TasteMIGF 2013

I wanna give a shoutout and my sincere thanks to Jackson from NomsterAds and Lilian from VisionKL for the Media Invitation of Malaysian International Gourmet Festival and Gala Launch Event. The Malaysian International Gourmet Festival is a once a year event for chefs from around the world or from different restaurants and hotel to come together and prepare their best dishes. All of the dishes prepared were placed on a single spoon for easy consumption. Kinda similar to the Cooking Series "The Spoon".

Inside the hall, there were approximately 25 counters, although some counters like The Westin Hotel had 3 variants of restaurants. Each booth/counter provides an average of 3-8 types of dishes from creatively designed salmon to tender and juicy Wagyu. Most of the dishes that were prepared was just divine. I will get to that later. 

The hall is opened for public access on the 7th and 8th of September (Sat&Sun). However, customers had to purchase a booklet of TasteCoupons worth RM50 each. Inside that booklet, there are 10 coupons, each worth RM5 as basic maths suggest. Do not worry, the food inside MIGF would only cost an average of 1-2 coupons each. It might be a little pricey to some people but believe me, its worth every penny.

The Gala Launch Event is a small gathering of food entrepreneurs, promoting, giving samples and some were seeking partnership in opening a new restaurant. The event is held for 3 days from 6-8 of September at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. 

The Gala Launch Event 

Giant Chef's Hat

Some decor before the entering the hall.

Various type of spices, salt and pepper mix. 

Planet Popcorn with different dips.


Ding Tea promotion and franchise. Only RM3 for 1 cup.

The infamous Sunquick orange juice.

Products of Italy and Korean food.

Brahim's Sauce and Spices.


Cooking lessons. I think he was smiling to my camera on purpose when he saw me. Haha.

I do not seem to understand why but Sushi King was there as well. Although they looked pretty dead.

Not sure exactly what was this but it looks like Arabian products.

This booth particularly had my attention. The company is called CulinaryCapers. They were serving Middle Eastern Mediterranean Food and Dips. I spoke to one of the owners and was informed that they were trying to bring up healthy food which tastes good. Many people assume that a healthy and balance diet would involve food tasting bad. However, CulinaryCapers has succeeded in making healthy and wholesome food taste extremely delicious. 

Biscuit and Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Fantastic flavour with nice and rich texture. Goes very well with biscuit and other small bites. 

Iranian Eggplant Dip

I was surprised and intrigued that this was actually meant as a dip. It looks like Nasi Briyani to me, a main course to be honest. Wonderful combination of spices, great flavour, rice-type texture and uniquely enough for me to like it. 

Quinoa, Sprouted Grains and Wheatberry Salad

Looked like rice, got fooled once more. Its actually a cold salad and by far my favourite dish from the booth. Quinoa is one of the healthiest grains on the market day as it is a complete grain by itself. It has high amount of  amino acid and vitamins. Sprouted grains are also high in nutrition. Other ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, melon seeds and cranberry seeds can also be found inside.

Millet Patties in Tomato Concasse

I personally love tomato concasse. I could dip almost anything in it and still enjoy what the results are. This plate of rich and flavourful tomatoes along with some cheese and savory millet (which tasted abit like meat) was definitely a yes for me. Loved it.  

Chickpeas & Mixed bean salad with Sweet Mango

Another interestingly composed salad. Wasn't a big fan of this one, but one things for sure, I could really taste the mango.

Cous Cous & Mediterranean Vegetable Salad

This definitely tasted like rice, only smaller. It was good but I still prefer the tomato concasse and wheatberry salad.

These were the other dishes that I did not get to try but I do believe they were all very unique. Do give them a call or visit their website for more information, details below.

Culinary Capers Sdn Bhd
No 5, Jalan Tunku Putra,
50480 Off Jalan Duta,
Kuala Lumpur.

+603 2093 5789 / +603 6203 5718



Kalacs is a Hungarian sweet bread. It is sweet and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Loved the flavour and texture.


A Dome booth with someone posing.

Pastry designer for events or weddings.


That concludes the Gala Launch even for public viewing. There are a few more booth which I did not take photo of. Next, it will be the Media Launch Preview of the TasteMIGF. Do note that I have tried to take as many photos of each and every food as possible, but I believe I may have missed some. The place was also pitch black so I was forced to use my camera's flash. Image quality may differ. 

Part 2 will be about the Media Launch Event of TasteMIGF!

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