Ante's Kitchen and Bar @ Publika

10:30:00 PM

Once again, with the help of NomsterAds, we were able to dine in this fancy and classy restaurant. I've forgotten to take pictures of the interior to show their leather sofa and other fancy lighting but do believe me, its a really nice atmosphere inside. The restaurant is located on the outer side of Publika, not inside. So it will be quite hard to find. Moving on....

This is the front entrance, as you can see, its right beside the road.

Passionfruit Mojito - RM12

Rosie's Lychee Fizz - RM12

Shiley's Temple - RM12

Banananilla (Banana + Vanilla + Soda) - RM12

Citrus Mint Cooler - RM12

Hot Cappucino - RM8

Hot Mocha - RM13

Hot Chocolate - RM 12

Chef's Tomasco Soup - RM15

Loved the presentation at first sight. Its simple, clean and modern. The soup was just simply delicious. Its rich, creamy, well flavoured. I dare say this could be one of the best Tomato soup I've had in comparison with many othe restaurants. The croutons were also extremely crispy, which is something quite new to me. Personally finished most of the soup myself. 

Cream of Pumpkin Soup - RM13

Personally, I really do hate pumpkin. I hate the way the taste, I hate the texture, I hate it when its cooked and everything for that matter. However and surprisingly enough, I really do quite like this bowl of pumpkin soup. I could taste the pumpkin but I don't hate it. Its flavours were good enough for me to say "Hey, this is actually quite good". The soup was rich and creamy, it tasted like pumpkin but it was well seasoned or mixed till I actually don't hate it. But standing by my previous statement, I still prefer the Tomasco soup. Overall, I believe they did an excellent job in making me accept their pumpkin soup.

Chunky Mushroom Soup - RM12

The most basic and safest thing to order in a restaurant, mushroom soup. This bowl of mushroom soup was pretty good, but it wasn't something new. They had some interesting blend of flavours, its rich and consistent, everything that you'd expect from a good bowl of mushroom soup. But thats it, its a good bowl of mushroom soup, doesn't quite hit the spot where I'd say "This bowl is fantastic!". Overall, its good, not great. 

Enoki Bacon Skewers - RM26

I truly believe that this was a gift from heaven itself. Enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon with additional Teriyaki sauce glazed. The skewers were also served with melted butter seasoned with black pepper. Since I did not know what was this called when it was served, I assume it was just bacon. The Enoki mushroom added a whole new level of surprise, not to mention tasting absolutely divine. Teriyaki sauce added a nice layer of sweetness whilst bringing up the flavour of the bacon. Overall, bloody delicious.

Vegetarian Chorizo Thin Crust Pizza - RM27

Lovely vegetables, really thick and flavour tomato paste on a very dense and crisp thin crust dough, topped with lots and lots of cheese. I do like the additional fresh cherry tomatoes in there and I do love the cheese. However, I'm having difficulty accepting their version of the thin crust. It was overly dense and hard. It was crispy but I personally do not fancy such tough dough. But besides that, it tasted good.

Signature Chorizo & Bacon Thin Crust Pizza - RM27

Similar to the Vegetarian Chorizo Thin Crust pizza, instead, this has lots of bacon and pork sausages. Loved the intensity of porky flavour. Its salty and really flavourful. However, I still have the same difficulty with accepting dense thin crust pizzas. But overall, its really good.

The Real Bacon Carbonara - RM26

Didn't get to try this one because it was emptied even before I had a chance.

Seafood Marinara - RM38

Fresh prawns and muscles on a plate of spaghetti. Didn't really get to try this, only had a bite. It tasted pretty okay, flavourful, sweet, a little essence of the seafood there and freshly blended tomato. Overall, it was pretty good, its only the price which scares me away.

Up The Ante Pork Burger - RM35

Possibly one of the prettiest burger I've seen around. Really fits the name 'Gourmet Style". Fresh handminced pork patty wrapped with bacon topped with egg on a mayonnaise based tomato, onions and lettuce served with raisin bun. On the side, freshly fried potato wedges and salad. 

The pork patty was soft and well seasoned. It was actually too soft that it started disintegrating after my first bite. If only they could give it some bite that would be nice. Bacon wrap is always fantastic, loved the idea. Vegetables were fresh and the egg was a plus. The interesting part about the burger is the raisin bun. Aside from using ordinary black charcoal bun or milk bun, raisin bun seem to do the job pretty well. Wedges were really crispy as well. Overall, its good but I believe there can be more.

Curry Cream Pasta - RM25

Stir-fried pasta with pork loin slices and onions topped with crumbled button mushroom with a curry finish.
Only managed to try a little. The curry cream was mild and subtle but it has just the right amount of flavour, not too much nor too little. It wasn't overpowered by curry or milk, it was just right. Pasta was cooked well; consistent. Pork loin was alright, nothing too fancy there. Overall, an interesting plate of pasta.

Sweet Belly - RM23

Roasted pork slices, ready to be dipped in Ante's house made caramelized sauce. The skin was really crispy, something that isn't easily found. The meat was tender and juicy and not to mention a little sweet. Seems like traditional Chinese "Siew Yok", only a slight difference there. Overall, I do like it but I expected a little more.

Volcano Sacrifice - RM30

Grilled juicy pork loin slices served with Ante's special "volcanic" spicy sauce flowing of a mountain of mashed potatoes. Firstly, I would like to point out that the pork loins were extremely dry and hard. It had flavour but it wasn't close to being tender. However, the mashed potatoes and volcanic sauce was great. The sauce tasted like regular gravy but with a bit of spiciness in it. The mashed potatoes were also pretty consistent and smooth, so its a yes for me. Overall, I only dislike the pork loins.

The Hogger Pork Ribs - RM65

Tender and juicy pork ribs served on top of fries along side with ketchup and salad. The ribs were pretty juicy and tender, basically the meat was no issue. However, I felt that the ribs wasn't marinated enough. The flavours of the sauce wasn't absorbed by the meat as much as I'd expect. It felt like it had 2 different layers, the meat and sauce. If only they had a way to improve its marination, I believe it would be fantastic.

Crispy Pork Knuckle - RM78

Pork knuckle served with baked potatoes and dressings. Personally, I find the pork knuckle overly dry. I didn't really like it. The sauces were pretty new as I prefer only the yellow one. 

Bread Pudding

By far one of my favourite that afternoon. The bread pudding. It was absolutely divine. The bread was crispy and warm whilst moist inside. It had great texture; it wasn't soggy nor dry. The ice cream was really smooth till the point where I almost thought it was Gelato. Loved the vanilla flavour, it didn't taste cheap or artificial. Fantastic. The entire plate was a 120% yes for me. Below is a video of how fast we finish out 2ND plate of bread pudding. They only serve 6 plates a day.

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