GBK (Go! Burger Kitchen) Goliath Challenge! @ Setia Walk, Puchong

8:00:00 AM

Ladies & Gentlemen, I have returned to GBK to try out their new and revamped menu, not to mention the RM50 Goliath Challenge. The challenge is simple, down an entire burger within 15 minutes including the fries and you don't have to pay a single cent and, have a photo of you on the hall of fame. You can visit the first GBK! post here Old GBK Post

Swiss Piggy 2.0 (This was the improved version) - RM20

This had taken us by surprise. I will be honest here, I wasn't expecting this much of an improvement. The only reason why I decided to come back was because of the Goliath Challenge introduced by SpicySharon

Anyway, the burger taste really good now. Although they were using their backup buns because their regular charcoal buns were sold out, it was still rather soft and fluffy. It may have looked cheap but it didn't taste cheap. The old Swiss Piggy used to be dry and flavourless, the new one has some kind of 'mushroom carbonara' sauce on top which gave it flavour and made it moist. The caramelized onions was alot better than before as well. Patty was great and well seasoned. If I'm not mistaken, they've also included pickles in there. Overall, really loved it.

The Goliath - RM50

If I remember correctly, here are the ingredients:

4x pork patties at 8 ounches each,
4x turkey bacon on each level,
3x eggs,
200grams of fries,
lots of sauce.

It was pretty huge. I didn't really care about the flavour so much as I was aiming for the challenge. I just remembered that the bacons were really tough and hard to chew. The pork patties were quite soft but after chewing alot at one go, my jaw started to hurt. The fries was really oily and bland. Here are the results and video of the challenge.

I couldn't finish it and that was what is left after 15minutes. I lost the challenge but it was pretty fun.

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