GO! Burger Kitchen (GBK) @ Setia Walk, Puchong.

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Yet another hectic week for me, even though its bloody holiday time. Its as if I have no holiday at all. At the beginning of this holiday, I had to work in Courts Mammoth, Klang. The place was deserted and hopeless. Customers don't usually appear and awful music fills the room with such...joy.

Anyhow, Foodirector had organised another outing at GBK. I was 30 minutes late; the seats were all booked. After a few days, 2 seats open up, but it was also booked in less than 30 minutes. Horrifying, I message the man behind Foodirector, Jackson to see if he could slot me in. Well, as you know, he did! Thanks again! =D

Had to keep up with my burger routine nowadays, its hard considering I might get high cholesterol. Regardless, if there are any untried burgers, I will try my best to try them! So here it is, GO! Burger Kitchen's Burger!

The owner of the place. He was really friendly and introduced the restaurant to us. 

Look at everyone!

Preparing them burgers!

Interior decor. Its quite simple, but unique as well. 

The Hungry Hog - RM25

I didn't get to try this one, but it looks simply delicious. Its made of 2 4oz pork patties, double cheese, double beef/pork bacon, onions, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. The bacon really caught my eye.

Swiss Piggy - RM20

Made from 4oz organic pork patty, swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions. The patty was slightly on the dry side but the onions and cheese was able to moist it externally. Unfortunately, the onions was slightly lacking in flavour. The buns however was quite thick and puffed up. Its not a bad burger, but there are room for improvement. 5/10

The Goblin - RM27

This burger is still considered a beta burger. The recipe for this burger is incomplete and they are still trying out new methods to improve the burger. Beta burgers get a 40% discount off the original price. 

This is a burger with plenty of potential of becoming something phenomenal. The incorporation of spinach into the burger was simply brilliant. It balances and lightens the flavour of the burger. The cream mustard that comes with the spinach could be improve. I personally couldn't taste much of the mustard at all. The patty was a little too dry for me, but others say it was good. I guess I was just unlucky to take the cold burger. Slight tomato paste at the bottom of the burger wasn't necessary, I couldn't taste much of it. Buns could be better; I like the sesame, but not the density of the bread. 6.5/10.

The basket of fries. Personally, I find the fries too crispy and dry. It felt like the fries was overly fried. Which in this case I wasn't wrong. They fry in it oil for a long time and once the fries started to float, only then they scoop it back up. That causes all the moisture drain, leaving a crispy edge. Its not a bad thing, but I prefer fries with a little more 'potato-ie' taste. Some may find this addictive though. 

GO! Wings - RM13

First off, I would like to start by saying the placing of Pringles was rather unnecessary. The wings however, was a big disappointment for me. The meat felt like it was overcooked. The reason why I did not say it IS overcooked was simply because they had their methods of preparing the dish, which is by frying it once, then grilling it again. That again, drains all the moisture away. IMO, moisture and tenderness of meat is very important in chicken wings. 

The sauce could be improved, it taste really odd and...nutty somehow. I didn't really like the dish. The owner heard what I had to say and decided he will take it off the menu till it's perfected. I find his actions rather inspiring as he is willing to accept what the customer's remarks are. His concern for the customer's satisfaction is also really important. That is why he wanted out honest opinion to make the restaurant better in every way possible.

In conclusion, the restaurant still requires time to improve itself. Which is fine, because the restaurant has only been opened for about a month. Thus, people who love eating should give it a go and perhaps, provide your personal opinion on how to improve the recipe. Service wise, they are really friendly, so I have no complains on that. On behalf of everyone that attended the Hangout, I wish GBK all the best in pursuing the best burger restaurant in Puchong, and maybe perhaps, Selangor!

Additional 10% discount when mention my name : Pancake from Foodirector Outing

G-5-1 Setiawalk,Persiaran wawasan, 
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 
Puchong New Village,

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