Ice Creamery Ice Cream Buffet @ Setia City Mall

12:07:00 AM

Okay, here's a crazy thing to do when you're hungry. Go to this shop and eat all the shitty Ice cream you can.

Durian flavoured. This could possibly be 60% of the reason why I decided to try this restaurant. I saw the ad and they say they have new Raya flavours coming in, which actually was only durian. Anyway, the as expected, the durian wasn't rich nor flavourful. It felt pretty diluted and out of place. I could still taste durian in there, but it just felt...artificial. But then again, the price is cheap.

Mint, coconut and coffee flavour topped with chocolate syrup and crushed peanuts. The mint wasn't as bad as the others. Atleast I could still taste some freshness inside. However, like all cheap ice creams, the flavour dies out very quickly. The coconut tasted really weird. It wasn't even close to coconut, in fact, it tasted like expired milk or something. The coffee was bad, as bad as Tesco or Carrefour coffee or maybe worst.

Mango and Yam with Chocolate Waffle Stick and Marshmallow topped with chocolate sprinkles and crushed peanuts. Mango flavor was horrible. I really couldn't tell if thats mango or some weird flavour made by Chinese people in China. Yam tasted rather normal, nothing special. Waffles were pretty good, perhaps because it was standard. Marshmallow was just filled with cheap sugar. Chocolate sprinkles, meh.

Yoghurt flavour, by far the worst, most disgusting, most horrible, more unedible piece of cream I've eaten. I just do not know how start nor end. Doesn't taste like yoghurt, doesn't taste like vanilla, doesn't taste like milk, don't even know what on earth is this. I thought it was some kind of 3 years expired can milk or something like that.

Corn with mint flavour, imitation oreo cookies, chocolate waffle stick and marshmallow sprinkled with crushed peanuts. The corn flavour tasted quite alright. Wasn't too disappointing with it. The imitation oreo cookie tasted really bad. It was just sweet and the cookies were soft, like how you would forget to close the lid of the biscuit can. Wouldn't try the imitation oreo ever again.

Strawberry, chocolate and Vanilla flavour, nata de coco pineapples and jellies with chocolate waffle stick and white chocolate syrup. Strawberry was packed with sweetness, hated it so badly. Chocolate was just bad, vanilla tasted weird. Amazingly all the 'white' coloured ice cream tasted funny. Nata de coco was obviously bought at carrefour. The one which is branded 'Carrefour' instead of the canned one.

Durian with imitation M&Ms and crushed biscuit. 

Coconut, green tea and I forgot what flavour is that sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles. Green tea was horrible. The end.

Last bowl, durian ice cream with crushed biscuit.

All the ice cream!

The interior

Overall, I tried it for the sake of trying. I knew the ice cream wouldn't be nice. The price was RM12 during promotion but I believe the original price is RM18. It is worth it all you wish is to fill your mouth with ice. Quality and taste, do not expect any from it.


Lot L1-24 Setia City Mall, 
No.7, Persiaran Setia Dagang, 
Bandar Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, 
40170 Shah Alam, 

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