Fat Spoon @ Damansara Utama (Uptown)

10:14:00 PM

The entrance

The interior. The restaurant was pretty full during lunch time, most of them were office people.

The menu, interesting way of recycling

Wall menu

Curry Chicken Rice - RM9.90

Really liked the simple presentation. All the elements on the plate were pretty well cooked and flavoured. The curry was rich, it wasn't overly powered with spiciness nor milkiness. The stir-fried long beans were very flavourful. Love the saltiness and a hinge of spiciness there as well. The rice was warm and fluffy. With that price, totally worth it.

Dry Spicy Beef Macaroni - RM11.90

At first sight, it looked pretty interesting. Never had a dry macaroni before, thought this could be a chance to try something new. However, this wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be. I know it says "Dry Spicy" but it was really too dry. It was a little spicy though. The full boiled egg was pretty pointless. Overall, I didn't like the outcome of it, but pig does. So yeah...

Red Velvet Cake - RM9.90

Another Red Velvet Cake in another restaurant. The cake was really soft, I really liked the texture of it. Its like chewing on a marshmallow. The cake was also pretty dense and moist, which isn't a bad thing. However, I personally do not favor the cream cheese. It was very different from the usual Red Velvet cake frosting. It tasted extremely weirdly yogurty. I don't actually hate it, but just felt a bit weird.

Cempedak (Jackfruit) Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream - RM9.90

I saved the best for last. This could possibly be another one of my favourite desserts. The cempedak inside the spring rolls are cooked really well. After one bite, I could smell the strong and rich aroma of the cempedak itself. The spring rolls were really crispy. Furthermore, the mixture of both hot spring rolls and cold ice cream were able to create that contrastic blend in my mouth. Loved the experienced.


No.73, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.

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