Taro Ramen Tenya @ Plaza Lowyat

10:33:00 PM

This post is extremely short, it consists only 2 reviews. I know this is a ramen place, but I had no choice. 1 bowl of ramen wasn't enough for me so I had to order rice instead.

Chicken Curry Don - RM 15.90

I chose this dish because it was rice and I was expecting it to make me feel full. I never expected anything else in terms of taste, quality etc. However, I was quite impressed. The dish actually doesn't taste anywhere near bad. For such a price, the curry was pretty flavourful, although I think they used salt like nobody's business. The chicken was pretty crisp on the outside, rather tender on the inside. Not extremely good, but acceptable. Rice were pretty straight forward. Short fat rice, sticky and filling. Overall, quite a bargain I got.

Tenshin S&S Don - RM15.90

This was Pig's order. Japanese rice warpped with eggs, mushrooms, spring onions and vegetables topped with sesame seeds. Looked pretty neat. In fact, the moment when she started poking through the egg, a strong eggyness aroma started slapping my face. I could tell that they used either lots of salt or Ajinamoto. Anyway, the egg was packed full of flavour. Even so, each element on its own could be tasted as well. The rice was also somewhat absorbing the flavours from the egg that the rice itself was pretty aromatic. Overall, looks cute, smells delicious and very flavourful.


LG 22-23,
Low Yat Plaza,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

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