Tony Romas @ Sunway Pyramid

3:00:00 AM

After many many years, I've finally returned to Tony Romas. The last time I tried it was around 4-5 years ago. It was quite expensive and I did not wish to pay anything for it. But yeah, since I saw it's burger menu, I thought I would just come back.

We started off with some bottomless drinks with extremely huge cups.

Potato Soup

The potato soup somewhat tasted like mushroom soup. It wasn't really that flavourful nor was it salty enough. It was slightly diluted and I couldn't really taste much. The soup was quite tasteless and bland.

Beef Stew Soup

The essence of beef was really strong in this one. (The force is strong in him) It has a layer of oil on top of the soup which to me, looks a bit discouraging. However, the soup was rather flavourful. Both the flavours of beef and vegetables create a strong aroma which was really good. Having said that, the soup isn't really salty. I believe most of the flavours come originally from the beef itself.

Complimentary Baguette with Butter

The baguette was really soft inside and crispy outside. It was rather small in size but as part of a starter, I do not really mind. Not to mention that it was complimentary. The butter had a certain herb in it and was really soft. Makes spreading it on the baguette much easier. 

Steakhouse Burger - RM26.90 set

The steakhouse burger is one of Tony Roma's signature burgers. The burger was big and juicy. The patty was really tender but somewhat salty, perhaps due to the bacon. Cheese was overflowing the patty and bun as well. Lovely. However, they could have added a bit more veggies in side. The whole burger feels a bit too meaty for my personal liking and I would expect some greens to balance the flavours a little. The fries, was rather disappointing. It was dry inside and oily outside. Come on Tony, you could do better than that.

Mojo Chicken - RM16.90 set

The Mojo Chicken was somewhat similar to fried rice. It has mixed veggies, broccoli and grilled chicken on top. The chicken was lightly seasoned so it wasn't very flavourful. Instead, it felt clean and light. The mixed veggies gave it a tangy taste which lightens the entire meal further. Broccoli....well..broccoli. At leas the veggies were pretty fresh.

In conclusion, I would like to add that on that particular day, the service was excellent and the food came extremely quick. 


Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid,
LL 1.43, Lower Level One,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/5,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Dahrul Ehsan.

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