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Last month, a new Muslims Chinese restaurant was open in the heart of Damansara Perdana. It is a restaurant that targets Muslim customers who enjoys eating Chinese food. Everything here is halal so there will not be use of any pig skin, pig oil or anything non-halal. To my surprise, the food actually came out rather well.

Me and pig went for their open day, in which they provided us free buffet lunch.

2 of the owners outside.

The interior, simple and straight to the point.

Buffet section. The choices may be limited, but the food was good.

This was my pick. 

Rice - Well cooked.
Kung Pou Chicken - Very flavourful and slightly salty. Close enough to how a Chinese restaurant would cook it. Well done.
Tofu with Vegetables - Clean and light with a mild flavours. Very good as well.
Fried Butter Strips (On top of the rice) - Well seasoned, lovely flavour and crunchy as well. 
Sweet and Sour fish -  Excellent. Identical to most Chinese restaurants.

Overall, the dishes were really good. Honestly, it was surprising that the food they deliver wasn't oily like regular Chinese restaurant but could almost have identical or even better flavours. The owners were also really nice people, they actually had desserts such as durian puff and cupcakes waiting for us at the other counter. 

Red Velvet and Cappuccino Cupcakes

Personally, I find it extremely sweet. It was as if they had needles drilling my tooth or some sort. I really can't finish it, I'm utterly sorry.

Durian Puff

Possibly another one of the best dessert I've had. This durian puff explodes like an atomic bomb in Hawaii. The very first bite would send you to heaven. The amount of durian creme in one of these puffs was....unforgettable. The skin, wrapping the whole thing has a similar texture to a durian, just slightly stronger and more chewy. In conclusion, I would pay up to RM4 for each of this thing. Although I do not know the price. 


3-1, Jalan PJU 8/5H,
Damansara Perdana Business Center,
Petaling Jaya, 47820
Damansara Perdana.

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