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Another hangout again thanks to Foodirector ( ). This time, the restaurant is Kota Damansara. A place where there are plenty of cafe, restaurants and even the infamous Burger Junkyard. I believe that this restaurant's style is kinda fusion like? Their menu are pretty interesting as they combine different elements from different places. The chef/owner also emphasized that she try to use a little salt as possible for enhancing the flavours. Instead, she uses veggies such as capsicum or chicken extract to create those required flavours.

Its located on the first floor. However, the signboard was relatively small, so it was pretty hard to find.

Interior and Menu on the wall.

The Haze (Currently not on menu)

It has a mixture of honey, lemon and lime in it. Something new actually. Who would've thought to add the extra lime in honey lemon or the honey in lemon lime? But anyways, as you'd expect, it is sweet, a little sourish, tangy and zesty. It somehow has a unique after taste which is sweet, yet bitter.

Cream Chicken Pasta (Currently not on menu)

Interestingly, I thought this was some kind of macaroni with gravy or some sort. This was new at that time and it wasn't on their menu yet. Its basically macaroni with some small pieces of chicken, gravy and carrots. However, as simple as it looks, the gravy was quite different. It wasn't like conventional soupy starchy gravy, this was rough, sandy and creamy. The key ingredient to the gravy was potato, so that explains the different texture.

Steam Egg (Currently not on menu)

I believe this was something new as well. There were quite a number of dishes that wasn't available on their menu, including this one. Steam egg with a mix of veggies and lightly sprinkled with pepper. The steam egg was extremely clean, its as if there was no flavour to it. But, with the help of capsicum and other veggies, brings out that fresh tasting feel. On the side, there were sliced bread crumbs, pan-toast with olive oil and seasoned with herbs (I think).

Lemon Grass Chicken Pasta - RM15

Also slightly different from conventional Italian pastas. This lemon grass chicken pasta stands out from the rest. The taste however, was rather mild. I couldn't taste much besides that strong aroma and flavour of the lemongrass. The pasta was also pretty dry in terms of the sauce. However, the chicken was cooked quite nicely. Personally, I'm not a big fan of sauce-less pasta, I prefer pasta with a bit more flavour and moist in them.

Smoked Salmon / Vege Quiche - RM5 each

The smell was strong in both these quiche. From afar I could get the scent of eggs coming from somewhere. Both quiche were baked pretty well. The only thing that I personally didn't like was the overpowering flavour of the egg. Through the journey down my throat, all I could taste was eggs and a little bit of veggies. I was hoping to be able to extract some salmon there or perhaps I didn't get there right portion.

French Toast - RM10

RM10 may seem a little pricey for a French Toast. However, this is no ordinary French Toast. Instead of using bread, pan fried with butter, this tasted more like pancake-flour. It was extremely soft, light and moist. With the additional help of maple syrup, mixed with a few drops of lemon juice; decreasing its sweetness and a few cutlets of sausage, the French Toast is complete. 

Broccoli Soup - RM15

A very strong broccoli flavoured soup. The broccolis were made into a puree mix. The texture was rather creamy and sandy. Furthermore, it was almost tasteless in a way - the only flavour I could extract from this soup was the broccoli itself. It felt like there was almost no or extremely little seasoning involved. Its not a bad soup, but for me, I prefer something more flavourful. For those who likes clean and mild soup, this is the soup for you.

Vegetable Pancake - RM5

4 slices of thinly cooked vegetable pancakes, served with salad and roasted sesame dressing and self made mayonnaise. The pancakes were light and as you can see, slight charred. Vegetables could be found in each pancake, the additional salad on the side was pretty fresh as well. The in-house mayonnaise gave it a really tangy and creamy end to the pancakes.

Beef Pocket (Currently not on menu)

Beef pocket is basically 2 slices of beef on each side, fill it with mix vegetables and encasing everything with toothpick. The flavours of the vegetables will then be transfused into the beef itself. However, the beef was overcooked and we had a hard time cutting them. The flavours however were pretty normal, nothing flavourful.

Smoked Chicken Rice - RM15

One of my personal favorite and also the dish with the outmost flavours compared to the rest. Smoked chicken, rice, sambal, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs. The smoked chicken were tender, soft and flavourful. The rice was fried with the essence of chicken, therefor giving it flavour. The sambal was spicy and sweet at the same time. It also has a nice maroon color to it. The only issue I had with this was the rice. It was too musky and sticky for me, kinda grainy as well. 

Smoked Chicken Sandwich - RM15

Similar to the smoked chicken rice, this was the alternate version. Similar steps were used to prepare the chicken and breadcrumbs. The bread was pan toasted, somehow making it really "toasty" and soft. The chicken was tender and juicy as well. The overall combination of this dish was pretty satifying. Although the taste was actually quite plain, I still quite liked it. 

Ginger Ale Potato Chicken Salad (Currently not on menu)

The name itself was quite pretty difficult to pronounce. This complex dish comprises of various elements. The usage of ginger ale to give it added sweetness and fizz was rather brilliant as well.The chili sauce however, was a surprise. It wasn't even a tiny bit spicy, in fact, it was sweet. Chicken was and as usual, tender and juicy. Potatoes, cucumbers, corns and herbs are mixed in as well. 

Vegetable Pasta (Currently not on menu)

Looks a bit like carbonara, but its entirely different. This pasta was blessed with herbs and cubes of vegetables. It has a very light flavour to it, nothing to strong, assuming that it has minimal seasoning but it had a bold vegetable taste. It was also a little creamy, somewhat diluted as well. In conclusion, it has plenty of veggies, lightly flavoured and tasted like vegetables.

Chocolate Stax - RM6

A very small dessert. 3 layer of chocolate biscuits stacked upon one another with cream filling in between. Do not be fooled, those biscuit weren't even close to being hard and sweet. Instead, it was the direct opposite. The chocolate wasn't strong as well. It was pretty mild. It has decent flavours, but personally I prefer something slightly sweeter, not too sweet, just at the right amount. I find this extremely bland. Each layer also felt a lot like pancakes.

Steamed Pumpkin Cake - RM5

A very simple, clean and straight to the point pumpkin cake with pumpkin puree. The cake's texture reminded me of those Chinese praying cakes, the ones you get on Chinese New Year or something like that. It was incredibly soft and fluffy. It was also rather sticky and moist. I personally don't fancy pumpkin, but unfortunately as well, I couldn't taste much pumpkin here. Even after adding the puree, it felt a bit bland. But it has a nice texture.

Cream Chicken (Currently not on menu)

This dish I believe, was another flavourful one. Similar to the Cream Chicken Pasta, the sauce was made out of mashed or blended potato. It has a very sandy and rough texture, but sufficient flavours to it. The chicken was and as always been, tender, soft and juicy. The salad comes with roasted sesame dressing as well. Overall, its a very simple dish.

Tofu Parte Toast (Currently not on menu)

It looks and smells amazing...until the owner told us it was chicken liver. I do not fancy internal organs at all. The liver was pureed and then spread on a toast, topped with pan fried tofu slice. The liver had a very strong pungent taste to it and the tofu was supposed to mild it down. Well, it didn't worked for me. It tasted horrible. I'm speaking this as a person who do not eat liver point of view. But everything else was good. Salad with roasted sesame dressing was included as a side.

Orange Almond Cake - RM5

Like its name, its basically orange and almond cake, with a little frosting on top. The cake's texture was rather dense and moist. The taste of orange was very strong. It was basically the only thing I could taste. I couldn't get a hint of almond unfortunately. Orange was overpowering. Frosting gave it an added sweetness but didn't do much. Overall, its quite a nice cake.

Banana Nutella - RM5

Literally frozen banana mixed with nutella and ice cream. Funny texture, slightly icy and crunchy. It somewhat melts in your mouth in a very odd manner. The taste of banana was overpowering, I couldn't taste much Nutella. Apparently this was what the owner/chef wanted, just a hint of Nutella. Personally, it could be better if the chocolate or Nutella was more noticeable. 

Earl Grey Orange Mint Jelly and Chili Hot Chocolate - RM5 each

I really loved the Earl Grey Orange Mint Jelly not only because it looks presentable, but the taste and texture was very unique. The jelly was soft, really soft and it resembles a slug-like texture. The orange was then frozen before adding on to the cup. That frozen orange gave it that little 'pop' and fizziness which I find really nice. The mint was crushed together with some sugar, creating that nice, crystallized look. Its sweet and minty as well.

The Chili Hot Chocolate was a no go for me. My mouth can't accept the fact that something sweet like chocolate could incorporate spiciness in it. The after taste was pretty strong and it gave my throat a burning sensation. It was fun and unique, but personally I will not order it. I believe the owner said that in Australia, it was a pretty common thing to drink in the winter, to keep yourself warm. But ahahah, I can't handle it.

Oh my god, I cannot believe I actually managed to type all that. Took me an hour plus to type. This is probably one of the longest food review I've written so far. But overall, the restaurant has a nice ambiance, its bright, its clean and its spacious. A lot of their dishes are not on the menu but I believe that they will soon be in there. If I'm not mistaken, they do plan on having cakes as part of their menu in the future. Do visit them at Kota Damansara, the address below.


1st Floor, No.67-1,
Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya,

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