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Finally had time to update this post about a Japanese restaurant that Foodirector brought us many weeks ago. Had been busy the entire August due to work and stuff so yeah....Anyway, a big shoutout to Foodirector for bringing us to this newly open Japanese restaurant located in Scott Garden, Old Klang Road.


Jackson and his girlfriend. (Boss of Foodirector)

Buffet Menu.

Sashimi Moriawase (Assorted cuts of raw seafood platter) - RM90

The first dish that was served to us was the Sashimi Moriawase or Sashimi Platter. Consisting of 7 different kinds of seafood, this creatively decorated platter was definitely something we want to see in a Japanese restaurant. 

However, despite having such a beautiful plate of seafood, the results were pretty disappointing. Not very sure what went wrong here but some say the cuts were to thick. I personally find the flavours to be lacking, not to mention it doesn't give me that melting sensation that we would expect from a slice of sashimi.

Having said that, the prawns were rather okay. It wasn't excellent but possibly my personal favourite among all.

Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM30

A very simple dish consisting of soft shell crab, rolled with some rice, sesame seeds, ebi and topped disastrously with mayonnaise. I'm normally biased towards any soft shell crab because its actually very likable. 

Unfortunately, this barely hit the spot. First and foremost, too much mayonnaise and secondly, the rice were slightly musky. The overkill of milkiness and gluten made it hard to swallow. Not forgetting the Soft Shell crab which isn't crispy or meaty and the ebi which didn't really do much to improve it either. 

Dragon Roll - RM25/5pcs

Interesting presentation, a widely available dish, simple and rather straight forward. Crispy prawn tempura wrapped with rice and seaweed, topped with avocado, ebi and a dash of mayonnaise. However simple it may sound, this Dragon roll, like the previous dish, wasn't good enough. Reason were simple, rice were musky, prawns were dulled and not crispy, avocado didn't quite do the job it was supposed to, everything was just bland.

Two of them side by side

Salad Roll - RM12/4pcs

Fresh, crispy lettuce wrapped with seaweed. It tasted as if there was rice inside, but truthfully, there weren't any. It was an extremely simple dish, not sure whether or not it is still considered as Japanese but nevertheless, it was okay to me. Some said they really liked it a lot and would also put as one of their favourites, but I just don't feel the same. It was nice, but in a salad-ish way. On the other hand, it was just bland.

Look at everyone taking photo.

Scallop Chawan Mushi - RM20

The Scallop Chawan Mushi could possibly be one of my favourite dish so far. The scallop was quite the size and it has a very nice chewy texture. Not forgetting the most important part for Chawan Mushi, the smoothness and consistency of the eggs. Holding my breath, praying hard, slowly taking the spoon provided and started to take a bite...wait for was great! Smooth, light and flavourful. Enough said.

Salmon Salad - RM28

Fresh salad topped with fried Salmon skin, salmon sashimi, ebi and mayonnaise. I love fried Salmon skins, especially when its crispy and slightly salted. This however, wasn't all that great. The fried Salmon skins were pretty crispy, but they lacked in flavours. I couldn't determine whether is it Salmon or just a regular type of fish. Not to mention it wasn't really well seasoned. The mayonnaise on the Salmon skin was pretty pointless, but I get the idea of trying to put mayonnaise on the salad.

Sashimi Salad - RM30

Personally, I think it looked more like a Fruit Salad with Sashimi Topping. The presentation of the fruits somewhat overpowers the name of the dish. Rectangular cubes of watermelon and melon was placed surrounding the fresh lettuce from above. Salmon and Tuna sashimi were then placed at the center of the dish. 

Taste-wise, not what I would order, especially for RM30. The few slices of sashimi, especially in that size were pretty pointless. I would rather have more thinly sliced sashimis and cubes of random fruits tossed and mixed in a salad. Also, the mayonnaise was just wrong.

Look at all those cameras.

Salmon Lover - RM32

6 different types of Salmon which includes regular Salmon sushi, Salmon with Avocado topping Sushi, Smoked Salmon, Grilled Salmon, Cheese Salmon and Salmon Sashimi. I think it is quite an effective way to try and promote different types of Salmon on a plate instead of ordering 2 of each kind like Sushi King. 

Having said that, the taste of all 6 types of sushi were pretty similar. I personally don't see the point in trying to promote 6 variants of Salmon that taste so similar to one another. 

Tori Teppanyaki (Chicken Teppanyaki)- RM22

How should I put this nicely, hmmm. The idea of a Chicken Teppanyaki isn't bad, however, the way it was prepared was really bad. The chicken was overly buttered, not to mention it doesn't even have that grilled flavour of the 'teppan'. The whole point of a Teppanyaki is to have that well seasoned and grilled meat which absorbs the smokyness of the gigantic pan. However, this just fails in every way.

Seafood Teppanyaki - RM35

Similar to the Tori Teppanyaki, but slightly better.

Gindara Mentaiko - RM48

Cod Fish covered with generous amount of fish roe with batayaki sauce. Presentation wise, it looks simple and delicious. The fish roe on top looks delicious as well. I only had 1 bite but the fish was really soft and smooth. It didn't smell really fishy as well so I guess that is a plus point. Overall, the taste were pretty okay, not really special. Not something I would personally order.

Gindara Seaweed Butter - RM45

Forgot to try this one. Some say it was good, some say it was pretty normal. So I'm not sure haha.

Hiyashi Ramen - RM18

A very interesting dish. The ramen was served cold alongside with some fresh slices of prawns and what I believe was seaweed. Sesame sauce was then poured onto the ramen and mixed. The outcome was surprisingly pretty good. The ramen was quite springy and chewy and the prawns were quite fresh. The sauce complimented the entire dish rather nicely. I was surprised. 

Mentaiko Yaki - RM18

This is basically stir-fried udon topped with mushrooms, fish roe and dried seaweed. I loved the texture of the udon. Its soft, smooth, consistent, chewy and not to mention lightly flavoured. It wasn't too heavy nor was it too bland. The softness of the noodles somewhat snuggles around in your mouth after some time of chewing. 

Unagi - RM82

Last but not least, another star of the day, the Unagi. The Unagi is pretty similar to a pizza. When its good, its really good, but when its bad, its still pretty good. The reason why I put it in that terms is because the overall texture and flavour of the Unagi was great, but it was just a little thin in the middle, so it didn't really filled my mouth up like what I was expecting. 

Green Tea & Sesame Ice Cream 

The end of the meal, Green Tea & Sesame Ice Cream with a spoon of blended red beans. Ice cream were pretty okay, a bit too milky for me. I prefer the ice cream to have a more pungent taste to it rather than just pure milk. Overall, no complains whatsoever.


Zakuro 2 Japanese Restaurant,
The Scott Garden, 1-36,
1st Floor, Kompleks Rimbun Scott,
289, Jalan Klang Lama,
58800, Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
12pm - 10pm daily

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