Tai Tao Steamboat @ Jalan Menjalara

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Last week, we joined OpenRice for another MakanVenture event at a steamboat restaurant. It is located in Jalan Menjalara, Kepong. The place was rather easy to find, but an extremely long journey if you're coming from Shah Alam. The LDP would be jam like hell as it was slightly after office hours. Anyway, the restaurant.

Tai Tao means Big head in Cantonsese. Easy and noticeable signboard.

BBQ Chicken Wings. These were not included with the event. Sadly, I would love to try some fresh BBQ-ed chicken wings.

Like any regular steamboat restaurant, we order by per pax. Loads of fresh ingredients were given to us to enjoy the night. Everything seems really fresh but more importantly, it tasted fresh as well. This steamboat restaurant's soup includes Porridge, Herbal, Tom Yam and Clear soup. I will finalize the flavours at the end.

Fresh fish slices. It's considered a side order. The fish was fresh and meaty. Served with slices of ginger, it was meant to be served with the peanut sauce.

Frog legs. Really not to my liking. I hate the fact that they are so jelly-like yet so meaty. The texture kind falls between Chicken and Fish with Jelly Fish, and I personally can't take that. Although, many claim that the Frog was fresh and good. The given sauce is called "Kung Pou Sauce". Mixed it with spring onions and there you have it.

Drunken Prawns. What they meant was prawns that were soaked in herbal wine along with some ginger then cooked with herbal soup. The results will be a slightly alcohol infused prawns with a kick of ginger. 

Last but not least. Lean pork meat. Another one of their fantastic side dishes. These slices of pork will take no more than 10 seconds in a very hot pot to cook. 

To finalize, since mentioning steamboat flavours is slightly more difficult then regular western dishes, I shall compile my personal opinion on all the given dishes.

Steamboat platter - Although I've tried only about 65-70% of the plate, I conclude that the ingredients used were really fresh. I also like the variety and choices given. 

Porridge Soup - A bit too flavourful for me. The use of excessive pepper wasn't really to my liking. However, when cooked with various fishballs, beancurd and stuff, the flavour tends to mild down whilst increasing the flavours of those fishballs and beancurd.

Tom Yum Soup - One of the strongest kick for Tom Yum soup I had in a while. The soup had a very strong and sharp flavour but it wasn't spicy. It just gave the 'wasabi kick' that it didn't really have to. It's not a bad soup, just a very exciting one to drink. 

Clear soup - Nothing much, just..clear soup.

Frog legs - Not to my liking. Soft, chewy and meaty. Cooked well with porridge soup. 

Fish slices - Fresh, chunky and delicious. 

Pork slices - Filled with flavour, good bite and really juicy as well.

Overall, the restaurant did quite a good job in both service and food. Although there are a few parts where they can improve but we'll let them decide. 


No.97, Jalan 11/62A, 
Bandar Menjelara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
(Near Tesco)

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