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Hello again, this is our first time hanging out with OpenRice with credits goes to MokkyMok Blog Link for reminding me about it. Anyhow, there are plenty of steamboat restaurants in Klang Valley, not to mention around Sunway Mentari. This steamboat restaurant by the name of G-Pot has been around for 4 years. We asked the owner, how can you maintain the standard of quality and keep the prices low? He answered simply by saying, "we go to Tesco everyday to pick out the freshest ingredients ourself, so there will not be any 3rd party payment required". So here goes....


Interior photos.

The amount of ingredients. There were plenty to choose from. Eat till your heart's desire.

Our chef of the day, sadly I do not remember her name. (I am very sorry)

There are 2 kinds of serving available. BBQ and Soup. As usual, BBQ will be served with butter. You just gotta grill it like any other BBQ place. For soup, there are 4 kinds of soup to choose from; tomyam, herbal, clear and pumpkin porridge soup.

The soup was rather average. Tomyam doesn't really have the kick it requires. Herbal, could hardly taste much. Clear, well yeah, really clear. Pumpkin porridge, hardly noticeable, only slightly. In conclusion, the soup weren't perfect, but they get their job done.

List of ingredients I've tried:

Beef - A little too dry and hard to chew, thinly sliced.
Chicken - A little dry, average.
Lamb - Barely tasted any flavour.
Fishball - Too much flour and very sandy.
Vegetable (greens) - Good and fresh.
Mini sausage - Average.
Ham - Below average.
Squid - Average.
Tofu - Average.
Eggs - Average.
Beancurd - Loved it.
Ice cream - Regular King's Icecream-like. Yam was pretty good.
Herbal Jelly - LOVED IT. Extremely bitter.
Mango Pudding - Horrible.
Others - Rather okay. The ingredients were pretty normal since they were bought from the supermarket, no complains there. However, I do hope they improve a little on the soup, could do them a lot. Overall, the place is good for its price. Do give it a try.

Sizzling BBQ & Steamboat
Adult: RM28.80 nett
Senior Citizen (Age 60+): RM20.80 nett
Children (Age 4-10): RM14.80 net

Steamboat only
Adult: RM23.80 nett
Senior Citizen (Age 60+): RM18.80 nett
Children (Age 4-10): RM12.80 net


No.8, Jalan Kaskas, 
Taman Cheras, 
Kuala Lumpur.

012-277 7238 or 012-391 3818

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