The Carpenter's Daughter @ Taipan, USJ

11:05:00 PM

After almost 6 months, we could finally visit The Carpenter's Daughter. Pig really wanted to come here since a very long time ago but somehow was not able to. Anyhow, here it is!

The main entrance, situated at a very strategic location. Right in front of Ampang Yong Tau Fu.

Interior of the place.

Goulash - RM19.90 (Set's Appetizer)

The goulash was flavourful and well textured. It has lots of vegetables which includes carrot, potato, capsicum and tomato. The balance of flavour was simple and clean.

The garlic bread was toasted really well. Crispy and crunchy on the skin, soft and warm inside. The garlic was well spread across the baguette making it really well flavoured throughout. The combination of both garlic bread and goulash was really good. I really liked it. Highly recommended, 7.8/10.

Fish & Chips - RM19.90 (Set's Main Course)

The fish batter was really light and well fried. The fish was tender and flaky on the inside. The fish was to my liking. I even asked for extra tartar sauce and they gave me extra without questioning.

The salad was fresh and crisp. Simple and clean, really liked it. The fries however was disappointing. They were really cheap-low-cost fries which I hate. If only they had their fries changed, the whole meal would be really satisfying. Overall, highly recommended 7.9/10.

Potato Salad Bun - RM3-6

A very simple potato salad bun. Salad was fresh and crisp as well. Potato was well flavoured. Bun was really soft. Fantastic. Highly recommended 7.5/10.

Jalan USJ10/1E,
Taipan, Subang USJ.

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