Thai Me Up @ Kota Kemuning

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After hearing there was a new Thai food restaurant opened in Kota Kemuning, which is where I stay, I had to try it. Apparently the restaurant was on newspaper for authentic and good Thai food. I have travelled this far (about 3km) to taste it! Here goes.

Note: All photos are taken with my Galaxy S4, photos may be blurred or low quality due to the fact I forgotten to turn on my Anti-Shake option.

The Menu

The Interior. Rather clean and simple.

Wall of fame. Newspaper articles, photo of dishes etc etc.

Thai Iced Tea - RM6.50

Nothing really special. Tasted like regular 3 layered tea in Face to Face but at a higher price. The only differences were the Thai Iced Tea was slightly sweeter and the taste of the tea was more pungent.

Thai Green Curry Chicken - RM18/25 Small/Big

Saw this on the menu and thought to myself, have to try this shit. Anyway, when it was served, I could smell a soft but lovely aroma. Unfortunately, the taste didn't quite live up to the expectations. The curry was alright,  there wasn't anything wrong with it besides the lack of a 'kick'. It wasn't a bad curry, just not a fantastic one. Mediocre. 

The chicken were sliced too tiny and the remains of chicken fat was there. (Those jelly-like thing that was rather hard to chew). Vegetables were semi-raw, which wasn't a bad thing but the taste and curry wasn't infused into the veges. That makes the vegetables somewhat a separate element. The most disappointing was the eggplant. Eggplants absorb flavour really well, but somehow wasn't justified in this dish. 

Overall, not a bad dish, neither is it a good one. 5.4/10

Tom Yam Kai (Chicken Tom Yam) - RM18/28 Small/Big

Like always, the heart of a Thai restaurant, the tom yam. The skills of the chef will be portrayed in the serving of this magnificent dish. It is sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, herbal-y and full of wonders. There are various way to make tomyam soup, but only few...are good.

Conclusion, this tomyam was similar to the Green Chicken Curry. It was okay, it wasn't bad. The taste was moderate. There wasn't a kick or a flavour twist in your tongue. Just regular...tomyam soup. The price itself is slightly more expensive than myElephant so I'd expect at least similar or better quality tomyam. But all I received was an okay soup. Nothing special. 6/10.

Stir Fried Kangkong Thai Style - RM12/16 Small/Big

This could be the only dish that I like. The kangkong was fresh and green. It was really flavourful as well and the play of chilli and gravy was not bad. I personally quite like it. Mix it with rice and that could be my lunch. Recommended, 7/10.

5-34-1, Jalan Sinaran,
Persiaran Anggerik Vanilla,
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam.

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