Ikea Cafe and Restaurant @ Mutiara Damansara

3:30:00 AM

Hello again, and yes I know that this post my be pointless but somehow I still feel like reviewing it. We all know reviewing Ikea is like reviewing McDonalds but...we should give it a chance.

Vegetarian Pasta - RM5

One of my personal favourite. The vegetarian pasta. Cheap, simple and delicious. Pasta was cooked quite well, it has some bite to it. The vegetable bolognese sauce was packed with flavours whilst keeping it light. The sauce isn't really too salty, the flavours of tomato could was noticeable. With it being priced at RM5, what more could I ask for?

Signature Ikea Meatballs - RM10/10pcs

Who on earth doesn't know these lovely meatballs. Ikea is famous for these meatballs if not the furniture. These balls have a great bite to them. One does not simply just swallow the whole thing (except for me). The gravy used mixes well with the balls giving it a really thick and juicy outcome. Unfortunately, the fries given on this particular day was a set back. I do wish that they return to using their regular fries instead. 

Blueberry Muffin - RM1.50 each

Simple, clean, blueberry muffin. The blueberry filling that they use smells rather good for unknown reason. The taste of the blueberry was strong, unlike various other cheaper muffin. I could at least taste blueberries in them. The muffin was fluffy and flavourful as well, actually rather heavily buttered. Overall, for RM1.50, its not bad. Really acceptable.

White Chocolate Almond Cake - RM5.90

Similar to the Chocolate almond cake, this is just white chocolate. I personally prefer white chocolate more due to its milkier sweetness. The cake was somewhat crunchy, nutty and sweet at the same time. The layers in between as well gave a little 'volume' to its taste and bite. Overall, a pretty decent cake.

Open Face Shrimp Sandwich - RM5.90 per plate

The open face shrimp sandwich is something I wasn't daring enough to try till now. Possibly because the shrimp looked a bit scary. So yeah, I've finally tried it and I have to say I loved it. I do not know why I was that stupid to order this when I was younger but anywho, better late then never. 

The shrimps were cold and really juicy. The lettuce was used to hold the entire thing together along with some mayonnaise and egg below. Both the mayonnaise and egg were a great compliment to the shrimps, packing more flavours into it. Which that rich and creamy taste, a slice of lemon and some cucumber was used to tone it down. Not that much, but definitely a difference. The entire thing was then placed on top of a square bread. Lovely!


No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800, Petaling Jaya,

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