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I know this is a very slow update for KGB burger and I am utterly sorry. I have been really busy with college work and there was just so much to write about KGB. I know there are plenty of other bloggers out there who had already reviewed this place but I'm gonna do it anyways.

To begin, KGB Burger stands for Killer Gourmet Burgers. The question is, can they? Thanks to Foodirector ( Their website ), we were able to receive an invitation to join KGB for dinner.

Their gigantic signboard.

Shop entrance.


Our table.

Seoul - RM15.90

An integrated Korean-like burger. Parmcrusted chicken, fried egg, kimchi mayo and kimchi. Something different from regular burgers I believe. KGB's buns were rather unique, they have a stamp on top saying "KGB". On the other hand, the bun was soft as well, the only problem was there was a little too much butter. The kimchi and kimchi mayo gave a little sweet and sour kick whilst uplifting extra lightness to it. The chicken was fried quite nicely; good crust. 

Bella Bomb (Meaty) - RM21.90

Another Portobello mushroom burger. Grilled patty, 2x Portobello cheese bomb and shack sauce. Patty was cooked nicely, not too salty nor too bland. However, I do wish it has more 'beefy' juiciness left in it. The mushrooms were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The crust was slightly salty, personally and the idea of it being so tall wasn't really to my liking. It was quite hard to fit the burger in my mouth. But overall, the taste was okay. Nothing extremely special nor unique.

Sunshine Bella - RM14.90

Grilled Portobello with fried egg and garlic aioli. This I would say, was much easier to be eaten. The size was rather small but the flavour was not bad. The mushrooms remained its juiciness and the garlic aioli gave it a slight kick of flavour. The egg, well, nothing special. I do wish they'd change the presentation or the method of the fried egg. It looks too typical, similar to what you can get from a Ramli burger. Flavour wise, average.

The Bash - RM18.90

This was one of my favorites. The interesting choice of including cornflakes in a burger may sound redundant but the results was surprising. Like usual, it has grilled patty, beef bacon, relish, Provolone cheese and caramelized onions. This was one of the most flavourful burgers I've had in KGB. The patty was grilled nicely and the beef bacon was crispy and salty. The relish gave it a slight tangy taste and the cheese had a smokey taste. The caramelized onions, average. The cornflakes brought the texture to another level. 

Tornado - RM15.90

Grilled patty, onion rings, friend egg and fiery mayo. Not the first time I've seen onion rings in a burger. Regular fried egg and spicy mayo sauce. Honestly, the overall flavours could be greatly improved. Adding a slight bit of spicy mayo does not uplift the flavours that much. The onion rings on the other hand wasn't bad, but it was lacking of flavour. Egg, could find a better way to implement it. 

Bobcat - RM15.90

Another one of my favorite and I believe to be a creative and interesting mix. Grilled patty, roasted green chili, provolone cheese and jalapeno mayo. Small enough to fit half the burger in my mouth, good flavours. The patty was juicy and with the help of the melted cheese coating, it tasted even better. However, the best part was the roasted green chilis. It started off sour and only at the very end, you get that nice warm burning green chili aftertaste. Which in this case, was a good thing. The mayonnaise helped to reduce the sharpness of the chili, making it smoother and richer. For those who like chili, you should try this.

Herbed Fries - RM5.90

Like regular fries, but with HERBS! I personally really like herbs and to incorporate it with fries was a wonderful idea. However, the fries was rather dry and wasn't starchy enough. It lacks the 'potato-ness' inside. Basically, its called chips. Crunchy and crispy, no filling inside. Flavour wise, slightly lacking as I believe I've had better herb fries. But overall, not bad.

Shortrib Poutine Fries - RM13.90

Presentation, looks beautiful. The nicely brown coloured beef was so attractive whilst the tomato and spring onion gave it a bright and happy outcome. The flavour however was rather disappointing. It was rather bland and/or tasteless. The only thing I could taste was from the beef it self. The essence wasn't transfused into the fries nor as a whole package. However, if improved, I believe this would be really good.

Spicy Cajun Fries - RM5.90

Fries sprinkled and dazzled with spicy cajun powder. Something slightly different compared to the common use of salt or herbs. However, it wasn't spicy enough nor was it flavourful enough. Added with the dry-ness of the fries. It was pretty hard to swallow. Not that it taste bad, it just requires a little moisture, not from oil itself. Fries should come with some kind of mayonnaise or mustard or even horseradish mixture to give it added flavour and moisture.

Kimchi with Bulgogi Fries - RM13.90

I somehow think that the owners have a slight Korean fetish. First it was the Seoul burger, now its kimchi with bulgogi fries. Having said that, this was probably my personal favorite of fries for the night. The flavours of the kimchi, cheese and sour cream had some impact in them. Although the fries was dry, the sauces gave made it moist, making it a pleasant throat entry. I would recommend this but I believe there are some people who hate kimchi or sour stuff. This fries, loved it.

There are some burgers which I've tried but have not taken any photo. I do not recall why. But one thing is for sure, KGB burger was quite a good burger joint. Although there are certain burgers which I disliked, there are some that were pretty good. I also would like to praise them for their creativity of making a "Korean-like" burger and fries. Love the mix of sour cream on top. Do visit them if you're near by, the address is given below.


No. 23, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours:
5pm - 10.30pm (closed on Tuesday)

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