Lunch in Tokyo Kitchen @ Setiawalk w/ Foodirector!

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A week ago, me & pig received an invitation from to join them in Tokyo Kitchen @ Setiawalk, Puchong for lunch. We've never tried Tokyo Kitchen before and were very eager to try it out. Without much thought, we reserved our seats.

Upon arrival, friendly people from Foodirector greeted us and request that we write our names on a piece of sticker and stuck it to ourselves. They even took a photo of us together! Unfortunately we couldn't keep the photo to ourselves =(

The entrance of the restaurant! HUGE sign. Whoever missed it could possibly be blind. In this case, we somewhat missed it and went all the way to the cinema. 

Trying to be artistic. LOL

The interior. Has a fake sakura tree there, with timber window frame.

This was where we sat, its a long table since there was another 13 people coming, we were the first to arrive. 

After everyone arrived, they handed us the menu. At this point, I was thinking, is it okay to order ANYTHING? Yes...oh greedy me.. I mean, look at that, RM4.30 PER PIECE. 

After some time of looking and taking photo of the menu, the manager and boss? came and greeted us. The manager then took his time to explain a few things regarding the idea, concept and prospect of the company/restaurant. 

Simplified version of what he said. The interior design resembles a bit of the authentic Japanese restaurant. Simple, clean, wooden decorative elements. Most of the recipes were created by their own chefs, only some remains untouched like regular sushis.

This was the signature Long Salmon Sushi. The manager told us that the Sashimi was cut thicker than regular Sashimis out there. A total of 20mm. The Sashimi was tender, juicy and fresh. The consistency of the Sashimi was okay, only at the middle it was slightly thinner. Taste like regular Salmon sushi, but slightly better due to the freshness, thickness and "long-ness". (Oh how I like my English) RM6.30 per plate. Recommended!

This is called the Magic Sushi Ball. Consists of 3 different types of fish; Salmon, Tuna, White Tuna topped with minimal spicy mayonnaise. Cute, fun and delicious. Each of it could fit perfectly in my mouth, I'm not sure about other people though, but it was really cute to see something new and innovative. I could not remember the price but I do recommend for those who wants to try something new.

Another flagship dish from Tokyo Kitchen. They call it....THE DINOSAUR!!! RAWRR..meow...Anywho, The Dinosaur is really just a scaled up version of a regular Salmon Sushi. Personally, I find the idea interesting, but its a once in a life thing. Nobody would order this everytime they return to the restaurant.

They even have a challenge for whoever could finished it could take a photo and stand a chance to win RM100 cash voucher. 

Next in the line up, this humongous plate of SASHIMIS! Its called the Tairyo Sashimi (Big). 5 types of Sashimis available; Salmon, Tuna, White Tuna, Octopus and I forgot the last one. They were all very chunky and thick. As the manager said previously, the cuts of each Sashimi is 20mm. That would provide a sufficient amount of  succulence. RM73.80, 20 slices, equivalent to RM3.69 per slice. Really affordable! Highly recommended for Sashimi lovers (like myself).

The Chicken Katsu Curry Rice. Another one of my favourite Japanese dish. Japanese curry isn't spicy at all, in fact, its actually sweet. The reason why I love Japanese curry is because; 1.Curry, 2. I can just mix it with rice and devour. The taste of this curry isn't really strong. I've had Japanese curry in Singapore which are more flavourful compared to this. However, its not all bad, the rice were really sticky (its a good thing), the chicken was cooked tenderly and the vegetables were really fresh. It was really crunchy. I do not really know the price, but I assume it cant be more than RM20. Recommended.

This could possibly be one of the best dish they served us. The signature Tokyo Kitchen Special Roll. Ingredients are fried Tiger Prawn, Unagi, MANGO (yes mango) topped with their unique peanut sauce. I was surprised at the fact they put mango and peanut together. I mean, it would taste weird no doubt, but for this plate of awesomeness, it was purely awesome. And that is alot of awesomeness in an awesome. Awesomeception! I think the price is RM19.80, I'm not really sure. But it should be around there. Awesomely recommended! =D

Not forgetting this plate of delicious looking Salmon Fiesta! Various types of Salmon combination, 24 pieces! How awesome is that? This would definitely enlighten your tastebuds. If you're a fan of salmon, you'll automatically be a fan of this. However, there is a downside. Not all the salmon are really as good as it looks. Most of it tasted pretty similar and you can't really taste the difference. Price unknown, greatly recommended for salmon lovers.

The Roasted Salmon Cheese (top) and Roasted Chicken Cheese (bottom) Rice set. A truly awesome meal. The mixture between the chicken/fish and cheese was pure delight. The cheese melts in your mouth along with the crispy chicken and warm rice. Mouth orgasm within the first bite. A must try! RM28.80 per serving, a little on the high side, but worth it. Highly recommended!

Both these dumplings are currently not available on the menu. It is a testing dish. What really made me happy was the fact that we were the first few people able to try this dish. It felt....PREMIUM! However, I wasn't too impressed with the dish.

The dumplings are stuffed with salmon instead of chicken or pork. I thought that was awesome cause no one has done it here, or even if they had, they're not really known. I was so eager to try it out. When I had my first bite, I couldn't taste the salmon at all. I was expecting the freshness of the sea to engulf my mouth. Instead, it tasted like regular pork/chicken dumplings. They had 2 versions, the steamed and fried ones. I personally preferred the fried ones, only because it has more flavours compared to the steamed ones. 

Last but not least, their homemade ice cream. They served us 2 of the flavours available which were Green Tea and Sesame. There were also some cornflakes in there. The ice cream was really creamy and rich. The consistency of the Sesame is lacking, I could still feel lumps of frozen bits. The Green Tea on the other hand, melts quicker than the Sesame; I do not know why. I was comparing this ice cream to Unkaizan's, although not as great, but it would beat or at least, on par with any chain stores or competitors. I had to order another one. RM6 per scoop, highly recommended!

That was all they had served us. It was a wonderful and awesome experience. I also had my Japanese food cravings satisfied. The staffs were really friendly and efficient. People from Foodirectors were also really nice to us new ones! Especially Jackson. In conclusion, we really had a good time there and would love to join again! Many thanks to Tokyo Kitchen and Foodirectors!

Here are more photos of the place.

Pig holding The Dinosaur!!! RAWR!

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