Dinner in The Grind Burger Bar @ Section 17

10:22:00 PM

On the same day last week, me and Pig went to Tokyo Kitchen for lunch. After that, we thought we should try out The Grind Burger located in Section 17 PJ. It's quite close to both MyElephant and FoodFoundry, kinda on the way there. I thought my GPS directed me to a shit-hole, but turns out it was correct. The restaurant is located inside the housing residence. Kinda hard to find without a GPS though.

Anywho, we went there for dinner at about 9pm. Since for the whole afternoon we were asleep, we had the energy and cravings at night (bad habit, makes me fat). Without showering, we jumped out of bed, rushed into the car, set the navigation and flew all the way to PJ. How spontaneous was that! 

We arrived there around 9.30pm, 30 minutes drive, good traffic. And the restaurant was pretty decent looking. Photos below!

One of the best photo in the shop!

Photos of the menu. Some of the photos aren't that clear, but this is just to give a glimpse of what do they serve.

Rather "American" looking bar counter top.


I find the ambience and interior design of the space really warm and homey. Kinda gives the American mixed contemporary aura. Love the place!

Trying to be architectural =3

This was my order. The JD Burger. JD stands for Jack Daniels. The reason why I ordered this was pretty obvious, its the first time in Malaysia that I've seen a 'alcoholic' burger. I mean I knew that they may just grill the patties in minimal Jack Daniels, but I still wanted to try it.

Upon my first bite, I was expecting to taste the sweetness of the alcohol, but it just wasn't there. The patty felt as if it was just grilled on normal oil or butter. I mean, its juicy, but not what I'd expect. WHERE IS THE JACKKK DANIELS?! I ordered the JD Burger for a reason, and the reason is not that I wanted to eat a regular American Burger. I wanted to see how the JD was incorporated with the patty itself.

It failed on that part, but besides that, the whole burger tasted good. Patty was really tender and moist, the lettuce was fresh, the sauce was succulent and the cheese was melting. Its all good as a REGULAR burger, but not with the name Jack Daniels in it. I won't recommend this burger, but if anyone wants to try, please do.

This was Pig's order. The Grind House Burger. It could possibly be one of the top 3 favourite burgers that I like. The whole burger felt really complete. There wasn't anything lacking. 

The red mayo-like sauce was simply delicious. Spicy and tangy yet so different compared to regular spicy mayonnaise really makes a huge difference. The burger consists of beef patty, eggs, lettuce, bacon and cheese. Simple ingredients, perfect combination. I would personally rate it 8.5/10 and that is the highest I've ever gave to a burger, in comparison with other burger joints like myBurgerLab, Burgertory and Krayon Burger.

The french fries comes in herbs. I thought the fries given was regular fries, and tried to order the 'herb-fries'. The waiter then told me that the fries given with the burger was also 'herbed'. So I decided to order the Chilli Cheese Fries instead. Anywho, they have their own sauce, similar to myBurgerLab's Red Sauce. It taste pretty similar as well, just different in color. It has a spicy and zingy feeling to it, really liked it!

The Chilli Cheese Fries. Looks and smells amazing, but there is a downside to it. The cheese in the middle was hardened before we could dig it. Therefore making our fries not sloppy enough. The flavours of the cheese can't be fully infused into the fries. Such a pity though. The cheese was quite good. Overall, I would recommend it, but just don't expect the best Chilli Cheese Fries there is out there.

Here are some zoomed in photos of The Grind House Burger. Pretty awesome isn't it?

That is all I have for this post. I hope the photos and description were clear enough! Currently, I would put the Grind Burger Bar the first among all the burger joints in Petaling Jaya. The upcoming post should be regarding Burger Junkyard and a overall comparisons between all the burger joints. Thank you and have a nice day =D

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