Dinner @ Food Foundry Section 17 and Upstairs Cafe ss14 Subang

5:40:00 PM

Hello again, approximately 2-3 weeks ago, my mother, Pig and me went to Food Foundry for dinner and Upstairs Cafe for dessert. Food Foundry is located in Section 17, literally next to myElephant Thai Restaurant. The food wasn't GREAT, but it was alright. It is kinda like a neighbourhood restaurant thing. People go there to have something different instead of a fancy meal or a homecooked meal.

Interesting looking menu.

Interior spaces of the place. A rather homey-cafe like ambience. 

Pig got bored and took this lol.

Mine was the Lamb Shoulder. The lamb were okay. It wasn't bad, wasn't great. The meat was cook rather tenderly, although I'm very sure that the lamb was frozen for quite a long time. Still, its good considering the price. Comes with steamed vegetables and sauce. RM22 (I think), rating 5.4/10.

Pig's Pan Fried Dory Spaghetti. Fish was alright, sauce was okay, pasta was not bad. A simple dish. Nothing too fancy. RM18, rating 5/10.

My mother's spring roll. Looks interesting, doesn't taste that fantastic tho. RM5 (I think), rating 4/10 haha.

The food was enough to make us kinda full? We weren't really craving for more, but perhaps a little dessert won't hurt. After thinking where should we eat dessert, we finally decided on Upstairs Cafe. Since many of my friends said its good, might as well give it a try.

I couldn't take any photo of the exterior or the shop, the place was awfully dark. And since we only had an iPhone and a Galaxy S1, both our cameras were crap.

We ordered the Red Velvet, since it was my new year's resolution to try all the available Red Velvets in Malaysia. So yeah.... The cake was quite good. It was moist and firm, not too sweet and not overdone with cream. The portion wasn't that big so I guess its okay for a light dessert. Its comparable to the Red Velvet from The Apartment. The price is RM8 p/slice, rating 7.4/10.

Chocolate Mint Brownie. Orgasm to mint and chocolate lovers. The mint was so strong that we could smell it when they served us. The whole block of brownie tasted really rich and minty. Its like biting on a Snicker's bar but better. A definite must try for mint and chocolate lovers. However, the portion is rather small, its about a finger's length. RM3.5 p/slice, rating 8/10.

That is all for today. Just finished my short semester, taking a break now. The next update will be about Tokyo Kitchen. A full in-depth review with a lot of photos! =D I'm quite tired now, gotta take a napppp. zzZZzzZzZzzZz

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