Lunch in Ippudo Ramen @ Pavilion KL

3:04:00 PM

Just a few weeks back, Pig had a craving for Japanese ramen. We looked up upon our list of restaurants yet to be tried and spotted IPPUUDOOOOOOOOO Ramen. It was decided! Ippudo Ramen it shall be. On the same day as well we watch Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters.

About the restaurant. It is located in Pavilion, but "outside". Kinda like the GSC concept. We couldn't take a photo of the facade but nevertheless, we have photos inside. Unfortunately this time, we couldn't take as much as we normally could. So please do enjoy the photos.

The menu and table setting. We sat at a bar top counter with chefs directly facing at us. It was the open kitchen concept thing. It was rather good because we could smell all the aroma 'unicornly-flying' out from the kitchen.

Love the 'blacker' imprint of the design. Credits to PIG for this awesomenesssssss!

This was Pig's order. Simple signature ramen with egg. 

This was mine. Similar to Pig's ramen but without an egg. It confuses us why was my bowl in red considering we ordered the same thing. The only difference was the additional egg. The ramen tasted similar to one another, so I don't really get why. Anywho, back to the description.

The soup was really salty and flavourful. The first sip was empowering. Compared to Musashi Ramen, the pork belly slice were smaller. The soup has a similar ring to it, but slightly different. I personally liked the Musashi Ramen's soup more. 

The noodles were hard (this was by choice, you can order types and condition of noodles). The waiter told us to try the hard noodles because it has some chewiness to it. We agreed and this was the result. It's actually quite good. I liked the idea of a chewy and springy noodle. Another thing that I like about the ramen was the amount of spring onions they put. LOOK AT THOSE GREEN VEGES HOLY CRAP IM HEALTY. But seriously, I love spring onions and so does Pig.

The restaurant was good, service were friendly, food arrived reasonably on time. Overall a 7.6/10. Recommended for a light snack. 


Lot C4.07.00, Connection Level 4, 
Pavilion KL, No. 168, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
03-2110 6233

Opens daily 11am-11pm.

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