Imma hopeless in Valentines day....

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Yes, I have absolutely no clue on what to do for Valentines day since its actually my first Valentine spent with a girl. ( I know, 20 years of despair ). Because Pig doesn't really like roses, so I skipped that part (and saved some money on something that withers in 3 days), I only brought her to eat. First was Levian Boulangerie & Patisserie!

It is a bakery cafe, serving fresh bakeries and pastries. The interior feels so nostalgic that it kinda reminds me of the time when I was in London 13 years ago. I couldn't take the front facade of the building, but its an individual bangalow lot turned into a shop. I shall attach the link here for easy access of the place. Levian Official Website Its located not far away from Jalan Imbi. The place was swarming with people. We couldn't park at the shop at all, had to park somewhere else. Not to mention that day it was raining..... and I brought my DSLR.

Painting on the wall.

This was the second floor.

2nd Floor

Wall ornaments

Counter and cashier

2nd floor as well

Look at the total amount of people!

Pizza and some coconut thing. Both were very good. The pizza doesn't taste a bit like Jusco's or Berry's
pizza at all. It feels authentic yet different. The coconut thing was also good. It has sliced ham and
cheese with few other stuff which I forgot. But overall its reaaallllyy goood. Highly recommended!

Melon bun on the left and another 'egg typed bun' which I forgot what was it called. The melon bun
wasn't really special, I still find the one in Sunway Giza (Japanese shop) better. The bun was
rather hard instead of fluffy but its still quite good. Slightly sweet. The egg-typed-bun was
fantastic. The middle part of the bun was actually scrambled eggs. Once you bite into it, you
can feel the eggs filling up your mouth, the cheese just melts and the chunkiness of the ham.
Truely a must buy for egg lovers! Highly recommended on the egg-typed-bun! 

Compilation of both.

Chicken lasagna. It was pretty nice. Soft, warm, juicy and tender. Nothing less you would expect
from a lasagna. However, the overall taste and composition is still unmatch to the lasagna in
The Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf. Its good, just not excellent. Recommended to try!

Fruit Tart. RM8 per tray. Fresh cut fruits, chunky and big. Looks amazing and well composed. A must
try! Highly recommended! (The fruits tarts sell out rather quickly, they do restock it but it will take some

Before we went off, I've purchased some bakeries back. One of which is a baguette, a curry donut and macaroons! The baguette got eaten by ants, shit. I did get a taste of it, it was good. 

6 Macaroons at the price of RM20+. I haven't tried it yet so I can't comment anything

The curry donut was awesome. I personally like curry, and bread. The bread is fried on the outside with 
curry paste stuffed inside. There are also beef and onions inside the curry. The curry isn't really spicy, 
but it has a rich aroma. One of my favourite bread! (Yes, I love curry) Highly recommended for
people who love curry and bread! Also to the regular consumers!

That was for lunch/tea. 2 hours later, we planned to head down to myBurgerLab since we were rather sick of Chinese food. However, it was closed. So we tried another Burger Joint in SS15 called Crayon Burger. It was raining at that time so I couldn't take a photo of the facade, so here's a photo of the toilet.

Once we enter, we were greeted warmly by a student. He asked whether or not its our first time there and briefly explain the entire menu to us. I ordered The Boss and Pig ordered the Zombie Burger. 

The types of burgers or the term 'Crayon Burger' is being specified by the type of buns. There are 4 kinds, Milk bun, Vege bun, Poppy Seed bun and the Red bun (made with red yeast). The student also tells us that they are actually planning to have more "colours" or buns on the menu.

The pricing on the burger is comparable to myBurgerLab's. Burgers here range from RM12-18. Additional RM5 for a set with fries and bottomless drinks. The only thing lacking here is the sauce. myBurgerLab has their signature sauce called the "Red Sauce". Unfortunately for Crayon burger, its just regular chili and ketchup or mustard. 

Toilet humor. The shop was rather new so the toilet was extremely clean. However,
I do like the tiles on the wall.

Rather nice wall decor.

Another wall decor

After waiting for 10 minutes. Pig's Zombie Burger finally arrived. Hers was set since we wanted a drink.
The burger was good. The buns were soft and the meat were tender and juicy. Apparently they also
have a similar sauce to the McDonalds' Big Mac. I'm not sure, but it tasted similar. The burger was 
good and comparable to myBurgerLab.

Look at them Seeeeeds!

Onions, ketchup and their secret sauce along with lettuce.

I ordered The Boss with added Bacon (Add RM2 per slice). It comes with vege bun,eggs, croquet?
and beef with added bacon. It was nice, just that the egg was making the burger look 'cheap'. Kinda
like those Ramly burger on the streets. They should find a way to make the eggs in order to increase
its aesthetic value. Overall, good but not excellent.

In conclusion, I would still prefer myBurgerLab over Crayon burger. However, the price of Crayon burger is far cheaper than myBurgerlab so I guess its pretty much like a draw? It really depends on the customers. If you would like to queue for myBurgerLab at 4.30 in the afternoon, thats fine. But Crayon burger is still new, so there aren't many people. If I were to rate, myBurgerLab was a 9/10, Crayon would be at 7.9/10.

A photo taken in Crayon Burger

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