Happy Chinese New Year 2013 !

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Well hellloooo there! Couldn't update my blog due to CNY stuff. One thing that I would like to emphasize is that I lost RM50 in gambling. Duck This Shit..

NOTE : The sequence of photos and story are not aligned daily. I'm just summarizing my CNY Week since I actually forgot quite a lot of stuff!

That's me, in the green polo tee. Gambling my poor wallet off. 

Couple Lacoste Tee. Bought these from Gold Coast, Australia last year in their Factory Outlet store. 
We promised to wait till CNY to wear them!

Reunion dinner at my side of the family. My Ah Yee's husband homemade
this "Putt Choi". It consists of prawns, abalone, sea cucumber, mushrooms, broccoli,
bean-curd, tofu, scallop and some other stuff I've forgotten. It was actually pretty good
since it was his first time.

My Ah Yee's homemade salty chicken...? Can't remember what is it called in Cantonese.

Here is a compilation of what I've eaten throughout the week in Chinese Restaurants.

The Almighty Sharksfin soup. ( I think its fake )

Yee Sangs!

More Yee Sangs!

Fried Chicken!

Overcooked Cod-Fish. It was sad. The fish was rather big and meaty... Poor fishy =(

A glass of red wine to compliment all the dishes.

Soya Sauced-prawns? Don't know what it is, just know that its salty.

Broccoli and Mushrooms!

In the past week, we've also eaten in The Apartment ( e@curve Damansara ). This should be a quick and short review about the place and food.

The menu! Looks clean and simple.

I find their dish names rather cute. Pussyfoot..... it reminds me of a scene in Johnny English. The one where
English himself is being placed in a golf match with Mr Pudovskin, and English kept saying Puddykin.

The interior. Not bad, rather spacious.

We sat beside the bookshelf. A odd place, but it was alright. There was a bulb right above us so it
was rather bright to take photos. However, those damned waiters/supervisors keep on dimming
the lights and I had to tell them to brighten it back up.

I ordered the set menu, only Rm19.90. It consists of appetizer and main course. Not bad at all. 
Since I haven't been eating Fish & Chips for a long time, thought I might try it. Surprisingly its 
quite good. The deep-fried skin was light and crispy, wasn't soggy like regular F&C. The fries
were normal, comparable to Carls' Jr's fries. The sauce was good, very basic tar-tar sauce,
nothing special, but still good. The overall meal was actually quite pleasant.

My Garden Salad. Doesn't come in large portion, but its alright. Its a damned salad. The lettuces were
crisps and fresh. The dressing is light and flavorful. Simple dish. 

Pig's dish. Grilled Chicken Burger ( I forgot what was the real name of the dish ).
The bun was soft, meat was tender, sauce was there, everything was good. It
wasn't excellent, but still good. The chips were something new. Usually they would
serve it with fries but this was slightly different. The "pink-sauce" was rather tangy 
as well. Overall, also a good meal. Nothing special or fancy, just straight to the point.

Pig's appetizer. Grilled eggplant. The sauce was made from a pasta-like base. The toppings 
were grilled cheese and one ingredient that I forgot. The green tasted horrible. Bitter and awful.
It was basically what I've tried in Australia. Do not know what plant is that. Overall, besides the
vegetables, it was nice.

A mocktail. Shirley's Temple. Kinda like a mixed fruits soda with lemon and lime. Zesty and fresh
but nothing special. 

That was our first time trying the Red Velvet cake. Since we heard stories about it, 
we thought we'd give it a try. Its not bad. Actually its really nice. Kinda in love with
Red Velvet right now. This year's objective : Try as many Red Velvet Cakes as possible!

Finally a photo to end the day! This post isn't really complete but it kinda summarize my CNY week 
(not including Valentines). 

The food, ambiance, waiters in The Apartment was all good. It wasn't spectacular but it was nice. The meal wasn't that expensive so its alright. Do recommend. 7.4/10 ratings.

Address : 6 Jalan PJU 7/3  Mutiara Damansara, 47800

 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Thank you for reading! Although I did say that the next post 

should be about Penang, I guess I was wrong! =D

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