9th Monthsary in Red Bean Bag and TWG

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Finally, after 6 torturous days in Penang, I am finally home! I had high expectation of Penang since everyone around us said that the food there was very nice, but I was dissappointed....again. It was as good as I expected it to be, or maybe its just me cause we weren't in the city. Kinda at the slumpish area....Anywho, I still can't update anything about Penang yet because I do not have all the photos with me, it should be in the next update!

This post is dedicated to my Pig and our 9th month-anniversary (monthsary as people call it). I know its not as long as people who have been together for years, but I still wanna post it about!

It was last Friday on the 1st of February, I had class in the morning and we went for lunch in Publika. Pig said she wanted to try a few restaurants (about 20+) and one of them was located in Publika. It was the Red Bean Bag.

This was durign the drive there. Its her first time using a DSLR. Thats my Canon 500D!

The facade of the restaurant. Located at the 2nd floor at the Outdoor Atrium...?

The menu's dish-name were rather unique... However, the description was also informative and clear.

This is also the first time I've seen a restaurant use corrugated board as a menu. Recycling or cost saving?

I order the Roast Duck Spaghetti (Forgot what was the real name). The portion was extremely
small that I could finish the whole plate in like...3 mouth full. The 1st taste of the spaghetti 
wasn't really exciting. I could barely taste any flavour in the noodles itself. Slowly after 
having more bites, I can finally sense a bit of duck sauce. It was really flavourful tho,
just simple, slightly oily and lightly seasoned. Having said that, the roast duck was actually
very nice. Its tender, moist and pink. The skin is crispy and the flavour was exquisite! 
I've never really had such a duck considering the ducks that I normally have are those
at the night markets sold by old aunties and uncles. This was completely different. 
1 word, AWESOME. Overall I would rate it a 7.6/10. But if it was for the noodle itself,
it would be like 3-4/10.

Pig's dish was a breakfast meal. Consisting of toast, eggs, ham, sausages, cheese, sweet potato and
a few other ingredients. Besides the toast, everything else was mix in a bowl. My 1st taste on
the "sauce" for the toast reminded me of a pepperoni pizza. It was nice and it had great depth
and flavour to it. The toast was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. When both are
mixed together, its good. Kinda like a healthy pizza snack or some sort. However, the portion
of the bread is not proportionate to the portion of the sauce. She finished the bread and still
had lots of sauce left. But I guess that was their intention, not many can eat like 8 toast and 
still go on like me. Its a nice, simple dish. 8/10 for breakfast! 

The food was good in general and the price wasn't that expensive. It barely touches RM50 for the both of us without drinks. Since they provide us with refillable water, we don't see the reason to order anything, or maybe we're just cheapskates! haahhahahaha....No I'm serious.After lunch, we were supposed to head home but Pig insisted that she wanted to try TWG in Pavilion. Since we were already near-by, so I thought okay!

TWG TEA's menu!

Smiling because its her first time here (mine too) ! Also its her first time having proper English Tea.

The cups were surprisingly light. But the handle wasn't really comfortable for me to hold. Too small....

We ordered Moroccan Mint Tea. I asked the waiter for some strong mint tea and this is what he 
suggested. I said okay, go with it. The results wasn't as expected. The tea wasn't strong but rather
aromatic. The taste was so light it felt like taste the tip of the tea leaves. Compared to T2's Min Tea,
This was like half the taste of it. But it was soothing. The pot could only refill once and a half more.
So it would total up to be 3 and a half cup per pot! That is damn little for such a pricey tea. Not
to mention it can't be refilled. 

I could drink the whole cup in 1 mouth, but since this is a "refined" place, I chose not to.

The menu we ordered comes with 3 macaroons, 2 scones and 3 sandwiches. These 3 macaroons 
were randomly selected by our waiter. I told him to just give me the 3 best ones. I can only remember
a few flavours. The red was Blackcurrent, the black or brown was Chocolate Earl-Grey. The
macaroons were very nice. Not too sweet, it had a light breakable skin and its soft and fluffy
inside as well. The flavour wasn't overpowering and individual flavour can be tasted. A
good light snack.

English scones. Warm, soft and a hard skin fused with raisins. Its good, but wasn't excellent. It comes
with cream and jam as well. 

Ham and cheese sandwich. The portion was really really little. One of each side of the bread was
toasted with cheese and the ham was placed in between 2 toast cheese bread. Its simple and
the taste was good, but its not the best sandwich I've eaten. Oh, the cherry tomato and lettuce
are also edible. They've included a little salad dressing in it as well.

Overall, the service was good. I've had people telling me that the service wasn't good if you were dressed poorly or wasn't a big shot or some kind. I have to say from my point of view, they were incorrect. On that day, I dressed myself in pajamas because that is how I dress to go to class. They also told me that they were dressing in expensive polo-tees such as Ralph Lauren and Lacoste yet received bad service. They also said that the waiters were looking down on them or some sort. They may be true, but it didn't happen to me, so I guess I am quite happy with the waiter.

We ended the day with shopping in H&M and pig bought herself a bag! 

Happy 9th Monthsary Pig! Still a long way more to go and I do hope to spend each and
every second with you! ^^

That is all for now, my next update should be about Penang if I were to be able to get the remaining photos from a friend. TA TA!

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