kena Summon at the end of CNY

10:34:00 AM

Apparently just at the end of my CNY week, on a Sunday, I have been informed that I was summoned by damned cameras. 2 actually. 1 was breaking the law of traffic lights and the other was speed trap. I was driving at about 110km/h (66mp/h) when suddenly a young, youthful, successful, bloody policeman was holding a speed cam under a bridge in Kesas.

1st time got summoned by a speed cam in my 3 years + of driving. Unlucky Chinese New Year. All my ang baos fly to the damned police's mouth. o0o

So I had to pay the summons before it passes 7 days if not the price will be increased from RM150 - RM200 - RM300. Went to PJ's police station and paid someone to kautim for me. Not sure whether or not it is genuine, but he seems to know someone in the police department itself. He was talking to the counter on getting a few car plate numbers and all the fines were generated.

I'm still waiting for new as it takes 2 days to process. Hopefully by tomorrow it would be done and I will collect the receipt.

Receipt of awesomeness!

Anywho, aside from that, I still have 20 sketches to submit on Wednesday ( tomorrow ) and I have to draw another 12 more. I've only completed around 8 sketches ( without much rendering, planning to touch up on Wednesday ). After this, I'll be heading to Langkawi! Weee!

I should stop now, should be sketching but I am feeling extremely demotivated somewhat. 

PIG, if you're reading this, don't tell your parents of anything yet! Let me confirm then only say! 

Here's a picture of us being retarded!

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