9:16:00 PM

Well, tomorrow is my last day of my exams, the toughest of all, Culture and History, one that I've not studied even abit. Heard the slides were super messy and ridiculous and yet I still have not downloaded them. Weeee....still haven had dinner and wondering what should I eat.

I still currently am trying to persuade my other coursemates not to study tho, well, its not turning out that well. Everyone is studying while I'm still here....sitting...staring at the screen and all...Everyone in Twitter complaining how hard it is. Finals really die.

Oh, I've also downloaded a new online game called Hawken, the gameplay is pretty awesome but shaky at the same time. It kinda reminds me of the old Mechwarriors that I used to play.

I think I should at least start downloading the slides now. Hmmm....

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