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Exams are finally over! This feels more like a New Year to me compared to the 1st, since on that day I had to study and all. Finally get to relax and sleep till 1pm in the afternoon. HOHOHO! imma pig -.-

Anywho, today is the 1st time I try Burgerlab. Previously I was tempted to try but we (me&gf) couldn't find the place, so we had Bak Kut Teh instead. However, when we went again this afternoon, we found it just right down the street. The street that we never drove pass by the previous time we were there. I thought we were gonna take like an hour to find the bloody place but NOOOOO (in a long Scottish accent)... It took us about 3 minutes to find it =="" Well, its better than nothing.

We arrived at BurgerLab at 3.30pm, the place hasn't open so we waited in the car for 1 hour and 10 minutes. By 4.40pm, we could see 2 set of couples lining up, few seconds later we joined them. We were the 3rd couple there. 5 minutes after that, the line just got longer and longer. People came down from their friends car just to take the spot. The que long....

Finally, after waiting for so long, BurgerLab opened and all of us rushed in like pigs swarming the barn. When we entered, the waiter asked us to share tables, since there wasn't enough space. I ordered and waited 15 minutes for it to arrive (due to the bloody couple infront of us ordering damn a lot of tapaos). Finally, saw my number, took our food and started out nom-ing session and I have to say, it was bloody delicious, beyond my expectation. I normally get disappointed by restaurants if the reviews were too high, but surprisingly this time, I did not. In fact, it was beyond my expectation.

This job offer letter was right next to the counter
where I ordered lol. 1-800-MWA-HAHA. WTF?
But hey, at least they have some sense of

This was basically what I ordered. 2 Double Cheese2s at
the price of RM18 each. 1 Awesome Fries at RM9 (its
basically a basket of fries) and 1 cup of bottomless
drink at RM4.5. I did not choose the set because
the drinks are refillable and the fries weren't enough.

This was the total bill lol. Its quite pricey for just a burger.
But I have to say, it was well worth the price. MR CHIN 103.
AHAHHA, since we were the 3rd customer in line.

A zoomed in photo of the Burger. Its double cheese with 
double patty!! Double the blackness, double the fun!
Its actually rather small, I thought it wasn't enough for 
me. (I was wrong, really wrong)

My first bite at the burger. It was awesome. The black buns 
were soft and fluffy. The pattaayyyy were well cooked (not well
done, it was like, 4/5 cooked, there was still slight pink inside, 
which isn't a bad things, instead, it manage to maintain
the tenderness and moisture of the beef pattayyyy.) There
wasn't much lettuce nor  tomato, but I guess its fine. I 
still taste the vegies though. The burger was rather big
when I tried eating it, wasn't as small as it first looked.

DAAHH REDDD SAUUCEEE. A friend of mine advised me
to get more sauce from the counter. He said it was awesome. So
I did what he told me to and fuck, he wasn't wrong. The sauce
is awesome ( for my taste). It is a little spicy, somehow sour,
slightly sweet and it has a minty taste. I guess this is their
special sauce. I gave it a rough guess on what could be the
"Secret Ingredient" and my results was : -

Thousand Island Sauce
Chili Sauce 
That is what I presume its made of, but of course, I may
be incorrect. 

I do not know why they served this in Burgerlab, considering
that they have such awesome sauce to begin with. 
But it is nice to see that they do.

DAAHH FRIESSS..Simple, delicious, clean cut fries topped
with salt, pepper and rosemary. It is heaven. The fries wasn't
salted heavily and that gave it a nice balance between saltiness
and the taste of potatoes. Black pepper was seasoned to give
it added flavour and spiciness. Finally, rosemary was sprinkled
to give it aroma and flavour. Just easy, simple served classic
French Fries.


My girlfriend's photo. With BurgerLab behind it. Drinking
ICE LEMON TEA (which she didn't know and thought
it was Pepsi till I told her right before we leave. Unfortunately, 
she refilled Pepsi instead of Ice Lemon Tea. It wasn't bad,
it gave the lemon a bit of kick to it.)

My side profile..Got to get a haircut soon. 

myBurgerLab address :
NO.14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark SS4, Petaling Jaya
Open Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm - 11pm. 
Closed on Mondays.
I do recommend this.

Also, after almost a year, I finally watch Brave, the frizzy orange hair girl who is so bloody talented in archery with her mother turning into a bear. The show was rather predictable but, it was simple and clean. The story was well composed, got to the point and wasn't confusing, a light fairy-tale kinda movie. I do like 1 thing about the movie, is the fact that the English was Scottish? (I think). After the movie I kept practising that accent on her. BEAR BEAR BEAR BEAR BEAR.

Finally, just downloaded both Lineage 2 and AION Online. Lineage 2 was rather laggy for me, since my computer wasn't godlike but AION was alright. It took me 2 hours to get to level 6. What nonsense? The game is pretty laid back. You don't really have to grind and train all the way, just questing and traveling would do. The graphics are pretty and fantasy like. The background music of the beginning stage were calm and peaceful (much likes birds and crickets making love). The movement is smooth but the skills are rather limited when you're at lower levels. Chat system can't be used if you're below level 20. There is a flight system which I still can't access yet. The inventory has only 27 slots, not including quest item. Quest item has another special inventory.

Somewhere in the forest where the birds and crickets make love.

Inventory and Character Profile.

Overall, the game is rather slow paced for now. Its nice if one does not
wish to grind all the way.

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