Day trip to Malacca

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Last Sunday I took a day trip to Malacca with my college friends and my pig. There were 5 of us in total, 2 ffk-ed. We depart from Sunway at 11.30am in a Myvi! This is a gaining weight trip as we planned to keep on eating when we arrive. We arrived there around 1.30 and started our day with the Chicken rice balls at

Jonker Street!


Forgotten to take a photo when the food arrived. We were too hungry
so all of us started eating without taking any photos. Finished everything
in less than 15minutes. 

The amount of OILLL and FATSS!!

Korean                                          Driver

A true Korean always knows how to pose!

Acting cute!

I don't know why he did this..but yeah...

Me and pig!

The kampung boy from Kemaman. A big eater and always
kena bully by the father. Hopeless when it comes to
technology such as phones and computer. Destroys
basically everything electronic.

Ayumi Hamasaki fan. Bought every single album there is
on the market. CRAZY!

Restaurant's interior. Very traditional Chinese finishes.

On the way out!

Malacca street.

Overall, the Chicken rice balls in Hoe(Whore) Kee was alright. It is better than the one I ate at FAMOSA chicken rice balls with my pig. The price for HOEKEE wasn't expensive, only RM9 per person. (Total bill 55, divided by 6, we had a friend joined us later in Malacca, our Architecture tour guide of the day!). The
Chicken Rice Balls were soft, but small. Chicken were rather oily but tender. It is also quite small for a WHOLE chicken. 2 Plates of cabbage, was alright, just your regular vegies. They also serve a large plate of rice, which wasn't really large. If I were to give it a rating for quality of food, it would be at most 7.5/10. Portion would be 5/10 and price would be 5.5/10.

The next stop was durian cendol! The shop has 2 stories and its rather new. Unlike most of the Malacca
houses or shop, this one was rather huge. The ground floor is selling food and cookies and stuffs. It is also
where you would order your durian cendol. The 2nd floor has tables and chairs and a shop that displays
all kinds of fortune cat! It is sooo cuteee.

Food....alot of fooood....

More food.....

Durian jam at RM8.50 per bottle. Sadly I forgotten to buy it. 
Really wanted to try though...

On the way to the 2nd floor. This fucking thing almost hit our head. 

At the 2nd floor!

Fat fortune cat!!! SOOO FATTT

More fat fortune cat!!

A row of fat fortune cats! OMG CANT CONTAIN THE CUTENESSS!

Durian cendol and coconut cendol.  Rather weird package with the 
spoon below the handle.


My first reaction was what the fuck? I did not pay RM6.50 for 
fucking shaved ice. You must be joking.

So I had to dig like a farmer and finally stumbled upon
some sauce. I think its Malaccan sugar or something. Either that
or coconut sugar.

Total amount of cendol eaten!

On the way out we saw this fish biscuit or some sort. Inside its filled with
coconut/pandan/durian. Forgotten which one.

Walking along the streets of Malacca in search for our next eating spot!

Pig decided to pose and take a photo! The jacket around
her waist make her look like a true traveller! Such great spirit
for food!

More stalls along the way

Hokkien temple

Weird dragon wedding place.

Cute sleeping eye cover thingy....

Balls...more balls...

Wire making models. I see Transformers!

Jonker 88, apparently its a famous dessert shop. Picture is
abit blurry due to my walking.

Finally! Our next destination! Durian Puff, its pastry stuffed with
durian cream or yogurt. It is bite size and believe me, it was heavenly.
Beside the fact that the durian wasn't that strong, since I'm a durian lover,
I normally would prefer if the durian has a strong distinctive taste to it.
The price goes as follows : RM2 for 1, RM5 for 3, RM10 for 6. 

After eating the Durian puff, we walked to the tiny park next to the shop.

Pig trying to be muscular like Mr Malaysia

Nipple pinching! 

Nipple poking!

Umbrella banana!

Nipple licking!

After all that chaotic moments, we finally decide to leave to Dataran Pahlawan for some 1000 layered cake!

This is the shop in front of Dataran Pahlawan. The famous 1000 layered in 
Malacca. Few shops next to it also serves Satay Babi with peanut sauce.
Its quite nice.

The interior space. 


The Tiramisu Mille Crepe. The one I ordered with Pig!

The cake was light and fluffy. The flavour doesn't overpower the pastry as the
taste of each layer can be devoured. The cream and Tiramisu powder was
alright, nothing special.

While waiting for the cake!

Pig posing with our Tiramisu. She then changed her Facebook profile
picture with this one.

Eating the layer cake layer by layer! That is how its done!

Roll them up and stuff it in your mouth!

Dumbass Korean John ordered a Blackcurrent Cheese cake. The only
non-layered cake among all of us. AHAHAHAH

Interior space, looks like a strip club or something

Me and Pig!

This photo was intended to show the forever alone kampung boy Dmitri on the
left! Wasn't my idea lol!


Well, after chilling in the shop with aircon for awhile, we decided to head to our next eating spot! The Coconut Shake!

Sleeping Korean. Not more than 10 minutes being in the car he fell asleep
A true champion.

We finally arrived. This shop is divided into 2 sections, the outer
stall for take-away and the inner stall for dine-in. Just look at the que!

The amounts of coconut used!

The inner stall, the place is flooded with people. We can't
even get a seat here. In the end, we just ordered a take-away

The shake is rather refreshing. The ingredients I could tell from this thing was
Coconut juice, liquid sugar, vanilla ice-cream, coconut meat and ice
blended and served. Its only RM2.50 each!

After getting hold of the coconut shake, we depart for an early dinner! Satay Celup!

Me and Korean John sitting in the middle of the car whilst my pig and the other
girl sat at the corner.

Restaurant BAN LEE SIANG. Also another famous Satay Celup according to
our driver. Says to be lining up once reach 6pm++

Mushrooms, eggs, vegies and wantan!

The sauce/soup is in the middle.

Let the Celupping begin!

Still Celupping!

Results of a Celupped mushroom!

Beginning of the meal, I've eaten 10 sticks. Kampung boy
around 12 sticks.

Slowly progressing. Currently its only me and the Kampung boy still eating.
The others have stopped.

I've finally reached 36 sticks, Kampung boy at 31 sticks as well.

40 sticks! Kampung boy stopped eating!

Results: Me 45 sticks, Kampung boy at 31, Pig at 13,
Ayumi Fan at 30(if not mistaken), Driver at 13 and
Korean John at 11.

The sauce was quite nice. However, the portion for each stick is very little. Do not forget that
each stick costs 60 cents. After eating 45 sticks, it wasn't enough. I craved for more! Since Satay Celup
wasn't filling enough, we head back to Jonker once more for durian cendol! Well, only I had durian cendol,
the others just sat while Kampung Boy and Driver ate fried oysters.

Rm3.50 for a cendol with real durian on top! The taste is much stronger 
and I prefer this over the 1st one.


After eating dessert, we head for the Jonker Walk Pasar Malam. This only happens every
Saturday and Sunday (if not mistaken). Quite a long journey with much to see, but hardly buy

Stumbled upon this cute magnet shop selling magnet wooden slippers.


Me and Pig camwhoring...

We finish waking the Night Market around 8.30pm. We just have one last place to go before we head back to KL. The 1000 layered cake shop! We went there because we had to collect our cakes we ordered back
in the afternoon.

The shop at night!

After collecting our cake, we flew back home. Me and Pig arrived back home around 11.40pm. Take a long shower and shit. If I did not shit, I would be at 58 or 59kg. The day was truly fattening. We continuously eat for the entire day. The next day (Monday), I had diarrhea..... Nevertheless, it was an awesome trip!

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