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Yeap, its been some time since I've updated. Been rather busy lately. Anywho, I'm gonna start of with the day of my birthday, 7 Jan. Didn't really get to celebrate with my pig though, she's currently working in Sunway Construction. Instead, I went and help take my friend to Pantai Hospital due a fight with his cats.

Inside the hospital! 

Doctor asked him to wash his whole arm with cold water and
soap. Macam military training.

I don't know whats this.. some lamp thing...

Praying to God. 

Nurse came in to treat his wound lol

Treating in progress.

The scratch of ze cat.. DEADDLLLEEHHH

After sending him to the hospital, he owe me lunch for 
sending him to the hospital AND on my birthday. Not that 
I mind lol. But his mom insist. AHAHAHA! Free Sarpino's
pizza for me. The pizza wasn't thattttt great, but it was free.
However, the pizza is rather pricey. I would still vote
Papa John's over Sarpino's anytime.

At night, I had some sort of a birthday dinner with my mother and pig in Daorae Korean BBQ in Taipan. As always, the waiters were very friendly and lively. I guess they love what they're doing? They even allow me to order extra side dishes for free. The guy who served us the 1st time also served us again.

Her reaction when she did not know I'm taking a photo of her and
the moment she knew. So cute lol.

Clean BBQ area. Nice. Its always good to keep a restaurant 
clean. Won't make the customers feel disgusted.

Ordered Pork and Chicken! The Pork enters the BBQ pit 1st.
Awesome sizzling sound after that.....FOOOOD and FATSS


Some spicy vege, forgotten what is that. Part of the
side dishes given for free.

Fried eggs, Korean style. Part of the side-dishes as well.
The eggs are sweet rather than salty.

Kimchi soup with tofu and pork strips. Who wouldn't love this?
One of the things I would always order when I'm in a Korean

Some of the side-dishes. Along with that big plate of lettuce

More side dishes!

Almost all the side dishes along with the Pork in the BBQ

They somehow forgotten the onions and garlic so they added it 
in later.

In goes the chicken! WOOO BBQ!

Instagran photo lol.

Well, that sums up my birthday day....
It seems that I didn't do much on that day, but I guess I don't do much every year.

A week after my birthday, me and pig went to 1utama for shopping. She wanted to buy her mother's birthday present. We don't know what to eat for lunch, so we ended up trying a Menya Musashi in Isetan Eat Paradise. I have to say, the Ramen was awesome. So much flavor and kick.

Both of us ordered the same thing. It was the basic ramen at the price of
RM22 per bowl with KURO as our soup. KURA is basically chopped
shallots mixed with special oil for the soup, well, something like that
I guess. Forgotten. However, we were able to taste a strong scent
of Miso inside. The soup was rather blackish grey, we had no
idea what was put inside, but it taste awesome. The noodle was really
springy, it gives off a nice noodly-feel to it and the best part, it doesn't
feel like 20 cents Maggie noodle. It is served with lots and lots of chopped
spring onion and a large piece of sliced pork. Oh, I forgot the mention
that pig's ramen has an extra egg in it, cost her RM2 extra. The egg was
hard boiled on the outside, but soft boiled on the inside. Making it soft on
the inside and hard on the outside with a fully cooked yolk. Unique in 
a way.

More shots on the ramen

PLAN view. Oh Architecture, what have you done to me...

BIG piece of sliced pork. JUICYY!


The self-made noodles ( I hope ). Really gives a nice bouncy
texture to it.

Pig's Ramen Bowl

My ramen bowl at the end of it. I drank the whole bowl of soup as well.
 It was heavenly. Had to drink the whole glass of water (given for free) 
after the soup. It was flavorful!

The interior of the shop

I can tell that this is pepper, but it isn't our normal black pepper
we used at home. It seems to have 3 different type of pepper.
According to the colors are Red, White and Black. This pepper
gives a very strong aroma and distinct taste. Have to buy one 
of these.

The ramen is prepared somewhat infront of us? The employees
were shouting everytime they cook the ramen or some sort.

Me as Green Lantern and Pig! 

Finally, I got a job at some local electronics shop to organize their warehouse. They did not tell me the pay but assure me that the pay was higher than market. I said okay to the boss and started working 2 days later. After working for about an hour and half, the boss came and I finally asked him about how much I'm getting. He told me RM40 per day (8 hours of work + 1 hour break). OMG. Even a baking company could pay me higher (I got RM80/day + commission in 2012). In the end, I told him I'm just gonna work for the day and he paid me for 1 day. I did this because I kinda feel bad for the other uncle that was working there alone at his 60s.

Arranging all the materials/stock ready to be taken away
for recycling. Most of it consists of metal.

Circuit board to be sold and recycled.

Boxes that we had to take it out from, and put in another place

The other end of the warehouse, here consists mainly of plastic.


All the metal.

Boxes that we had to dig out slowly, and rearrange it according to
model type. Bloody boss no did this earlier.

Overal, this was only a part of the job. Few hours before, I had to arrange all the stocks in another warehouse. They had 2 warehouse but is currently returning the one above(photos) back to the owner. That is why they are hiring people to help move the stock for them. The job isn't hard, just abit tired and you wish you had a gallon of water with you. But the pay is too damned low. RM40 a day is worst then working in Chatime with the workload doubled. The boss was pretty nice and honest, sadly he couldn't pay me high enough. That is all the updates for now! 

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