Once upon a Starhill, the food was good...

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I haven't update in a while. 1st things 1st, yesterday was the commencement of my 1st class on the semester. It's a short semester consisting only 3 months with 3 days of class per week. Not to mention I'll be going on a study trip on February. I initially got chosen to go Terrenganu (its a state in Malaysia which is very religious  according to a friend of mine from that place ; for readers not from Malaysia) but I swapped with someone and got allocated to Penang (another small state and island serving very good street food, some said its the best there is in Malaysia). 

That aside, yesterday's 1st class was a small introduction to what we'll be doing during the trip itself. According to the outline, I'll have to produce 20 on-site sketches to be handed in on 21st Feb. WHAT THE FLYING DUCK? Produce 20 on-site sketches is just impossible. Not to mention I cant draw. I'm gonna die on the trip.

After the 1st class, comes my favourite part of the day, AutoCad class. Our very first day of using AutoCad. It was really basic stuff, lines, box, angles, fonts, measurement bla bla. I got bored so I drew Doraemon in less than a minute. The wonders of AutoCad! 

My lovely doraemon photo!

Also, Chatime just released their new drink of the month called the Horlicks Series. There are 3 different types of Horlicks, 1st being Horlicks Milk Tea followed by Horlicks with Cocoa and finally Horlicks Smoothie. Pig saw the new series on her phone and desperately wanted to try it out. After having dinner we flew to the nearest Chatime. 

Large Horlicks Milk Tea. It wasn't really anything special, just normal Horlicks
with tea aftertaste. The Horlicks overpowers the taste of the tea making it no
different from a regular Horlicks drink you can get at a Mamak. The only difference
is the aftertaste. I can taste a glimpse of tea, not much, just a tiny little bit of tea
at the end.

Pig drinking her Chatime! Picture taken with the mirror at the side of the wall!

Her blur face when I took the photo! So cute! ahahahaha

Me drinking DA TEAAA!

Also, just recently pig went shopping in Ikano, she wanted to shop for quite some time now. She asked if she could get the bag from Padini in Sunway Pyramid at the price of RM69.90 and I told her she should wait. As it turns out, it was worth the wait. Padini was having a massive sale and the bag that she wanted was at 50%. I told her that she should wait considering Padini always have sale. There was once a RM5 for everything sale in the Padini Warehouse 2 years ago. EVERYTHING was priced at RM5. I bought a trench coat, a tie, 2 shirts for a total of RM40! She also bought a pair of sandals at NOSE in Pavilion the day before. It was priced at RM69.90. The design of the sandals was pretty similar to NOSE's 1st launch of the "Gucci-like" colour stripes. Looks fantastic!

Her bag from Padini and her sandals from NOSE. 

Here comes the food review.

Just last week I headed down to KL to bring my grandpa back from the Nursing Hospital. On the way home, we stopped by Starhill for some lunch, as we were planning to eat Jogoya. However, we reached Jogoya at around 3.40pm and was told that I only have about an hour to eat the buffet since they had to prepare for the dinner. Only 1 hour for the buffet?! Nonsense! We gave up Jogoya and went hunting for another restaurant. We then decide on a Chinese restaurant serving Dim-Sum for lunch/tea. You would expect the dim-sum from Starhill to be fantastic, considering its like a 5-star place. Never have I been so wrong. The dim-sum was fuqqing pricey and the food was worst than mediocre. Any dim-sum shop in Puchong would've made better dim-sum than that. The restaurant is called LUK YU TEA HOUSE. 

The menu of the restaurant. It looks fantastic at first. The cover is made of wood and the
writings were carved into it. It looks promising as it has gotten my hopes up even more.
I would've taken a photo of the price and menu but it was too dark.

Traditional styled plates and cups. Looks authentic right? Got my hopes up even more! 

Weird but great interior design. We can see the chefs prepare the food from here. With
such a great interior decor, my tongue lust for their dim-sum! Who would've thought
that such a nice restaurant in Starhill were to disappoint me so much. 

Cream custurd filling bun. Its small and priced around RM5-8. It is served 3 per plate.
The bun was nothing special, it felt like every normal Chinese bun available in the market.
The filling wasn't smooth, it wasn't creamy and the taste does not excite my tongue
even a bit. They even charged so high for this.

Few of the dim-sums served. 

This is the only thing that was fantastic. Fried Yam Ball or something like that. The yam is moist and
soft. Its packed with flavour and desirable texture. The crust is crispy and light. It didn't felt heavy
like regular yam-balls. The filling inside was also soft and flavourful. A dish worth recommending.

I cant really remember whats this. But it has some kind of white filling inside. Its like any other dish, fried outside, soft inside. Its not bad. The sauce that leaks out from inside was rather nice. The crispiness of 
each serving was great. Overall its alright, it just didn't give the 'omph' for some reason.

This is by far the worst Chee Cheong Fun in my life. Its called the Scallop Cheong Fun.
Before ordering, I'd expect the Scallop to be big, the flour to be smooth and soft and
the sauce to be well seasoned or salted. Unfortunately, this was the biggest let down.
The scallop wasn't as big as I'd imagine, the texture of the dough (Chee Cheong Fun)
was horrible. It was so rough that it felt sandy in my mouth. The sauce was lacking in
flavour. It was as if the soup was just made out of water, soy sauce and salt. BAD!
Any decent Dim-Sum Restaurant would've served me with a better Cheong Fun than
this. Compare it to the Cheong Fun I ate in Hong Kong, I would rate this 1.3/10.

After eating in Luk Yu Tea House, it wasn't really enough for me. The food wasn't satisfying as I desired more. Somehow I got lazy and I don't wanna get disappointed again but my mother insisted that we try another restaurant. So we went around, pushing my grandpa on the wheel chair while searching for another restaurant. My mother stopped by a restaurant that served soup. She said to try it. I hesitated but gaved in at last. Ordered one of their set tea and here is the results.

The set comes with a bowl of rice, soup, chicken, a plate of vegies and a cup of Honey Longan drink.
Where shall I begin....hmm...right! The rice was dry, but its alright since there was soup. The chicken was 
almost tasteless and the serving of vegies was sooooo little that even prison had more food to eat when
compared to that. The soup was rather okay. It has flavour but it lacks a certain punch to it. Just like any
regular Chinese family, everyone can make that kinda soup. It wasn't a quality worth paying so much for.
I mean come on, its fucking Starhill! Why would you serve me crap like this?

A picture of the soup.

Anywho, on the day itself, we've spent RM150 for Luk Yu Tea house and RM 60 for the soup restaurant. A price of RM210+ and a mount high of disappointment. This may be my own taste and opinion. But I'm very sure that the 2 restaurant certainly did not deliver in the name of Starhill.

Next is a restaurant we ate in when we celebrated pig's mom's birthday. Its a Chinese restaurant located in Puchong, infront of IOI mall. Its called Hee Lai ton Restaurant. I did not manage to take a photo of the entrance because we were rushing in and my phone camera suck. So yeah... I even missed the 1st dish served but oh wells....

This was actually the 2nd dish. Its fried pork skin with its head and legs, roasted chicken served with
prawn crackers. The pig skin was really delicious. Its crisp, light and easy to fit in my mouth. Its also
salted right, not too heavy or blunt. The chicken was roasted to perfection. Tender meat with crispy
skin with a nice glaze. The prawn cracker were also surprisingly good. However, the only downside
to this dish is the portion. That plate wouldn't be enough to serve the 7 of us. 

This was sharks-fin soup. It wasn't really anything special since I've had sharks fin soup almost my whole life.
Just like any regular sharks fin soup you can order in a slightly upclassed Chinese restaurant. The portion of
fins served was little compared to those of few years ago. Overall its nice, just average. 

This is 2 serving of fish. This is my favourite fish as it is tender and minimal in bones. This was a nice dish,
I practically ate everything till its tail and head as well. Since pig's family cant't really eat fish well, I ended 
up being the rubbish-bin of the table. 

Fried prawns with sweet and sour plum-ish sauce. I didn't get to try this one because
I was busy eating the fish all by myself. There is french fries served as the base, 
which I have no idea why, and the fries look unappetizing.... 

This is basically mushrooms, sliced abalone ( fake ), brocolli and sauced poured
on top. I didn't get to try this as well since I was eating the fish..... yes...fish requires
lots of love and attention to be eaten. Each tail, fin and head must be sucked to its
fullest potential. Every inch of meat must be eaten!

Birthday cake for the mother! Blackforest! The cake was somehow damaged on the sides.
But its a good cake. I initially wanted the smallest portion, but ended up with the largest 
-_______-  I also failed to take the dessert served by the restaurant. However, the dessert
was also rather refreshing. Overall, the food served was nice. Nothing really fancy but
the standard is there. They even changed our plates regularly. 

On the Tech side of things, it seems that MEGAUPLOAD has relaunch a new site call kim.com/mega. It looks something like Dropbox, with all that file manager, file upload, cloud settings but Kim (the owner) said that it will be faster and better than the famous Megaupload. Once the new website has been finalize, I can finally upload all kinds of anime, movies, tv series and even concerts in HD! 

That is all for today. I have class tomorrow so I should probably get some rest. Also a big shout out to those people visiting/reading from www.sakurahana.com ! Good night!

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