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This post will be dated from the 25th to 28th. 

25th January 2013
It has been almost a week since I've updated! But now I am back with more pictures and reviews of food and kitteehh!! 1st and foremost, last friday on the 25th I woke up at 530am to make egg sandwich for my little pig!

The egg sandwich that I made for my pig! Scrambled eggs mixed with full cream milk and Kewpie 
(Japanese-styled mayo), topped on fresh lettuce and Kewpie's Sandwich mayo (another type of mayo)
put in between wholemeal breads!

That day was also my 2nd day of AutoCad class. We had to draw a football field on AutoCad. Everything is still relatively easy. Its just that the computer at the comp lab is freaakkingg slow...

Photo of my football field on AutoCad!

For lunch, I headed to Dragon-i with 2 friends under the name Datin and Dmitri. I ordered some Szechuan Ramen and shared among them Siu Long Bao ( Pao with soup inside ).

This was really one of my favourite ramen of all time. The soup isn't exactly spicy, but it has a
very sweet and sour-y taste. It also produces a very unique aroma, unlike Face to Face's
Szechuan La Men. The soup was awesome. However, the noodles weren't really pleasing
as it was inconsistent with the width. I ordered extra thick noodles but I still find some
hair-like width in my bowl. Besides that, the noodles were rather springy and fresh.

Siu Long Pao. We divided each about RM2.50. The price was
RM10 for 4 so yeah..There were 3 of us so 2 of us had to
pay more.

26th January 2013
Today is the day that I was supposed to cut my hair but the hair salon was fully packed. *Fuck* They had to  book me the following day (Sunday) at 3pm. So since I cant have a haircut today, pig said she wanted to eat Snowflake's latest sesame thing...? Although she had her period but she said it was alright. So we headed to Subang SS15 Snowflake and ordered a bowl of Green Tea Ice Cream on Sesame Snow Ice Thing. I forgot what was it called but its apparently the most expensive bowl of the 3 seasonal menu. After eating Snowflake, pig said her stomach hurts like hell and I kept telling her "nvm, had sesame! worth it" And for the
rest of the day, she just lay down and held her stomach.

Green Tea ice cream on top with lots of different flavoured balls. It also
has red bean and a touch of cream around it. The sesame snow ice
has a very unique flavour. IMO, its actually really nice. The ice is
soft and flavourful, you can actually taste the sesame in it. The green
tea ice cream was nice, nothing fancy, just your regular japanese 
green tea ice cream. The "balls" around it was alright. It was soft
and it had flavour in them. Red bean was sweet and the cream
was.....creamy. Overall, I personally would rate it 7.8/10!

This was a Instagrammed photo!

There was this cat outside Snowflake which slept there for the entire time we were there. I found
it rather cute so I took a photo of it. The cat did not move a fur the entire time! 

27th January 2013
Today will be the day I cut my hair after 5 months ++? Not really sure when was the last time I cut my hair but I guess its time! My hair grew as long as bushes from abandoned homes in Rawang. However, the weird part was that my hair was dyed Noir Blue before this, resulting in a very dark hair colour. After cutting my hair, it has turned to "duck-shit-greenish" colour. What The Duck man? That colour is my 2nd most hated colour besides brown. Its like having a patch of duck poop on my head. Even so, those damned Japos (Japanese) has a trend on this colour not too long ago.

Today is also the day I was supposed to eat Fatty Crab with pig's family, including her grandma and uncle. Her mom told me that if I dont cut my hair, her grandma will question why is my hair so long. In the end, thank goodness I was able to cut my hair. My short hair enabled me to eat crabs with ease!

My poor hair...falling of my head...

Self-made "bird" nest with my hair!

At Fatty Crab! Waiting for her family to arrive while we book a table for 10!

My Galaxy S selca!

The 1st dish that arrived was BBQ CHICKEN WINGSSS!
Possibly one of the best BCW(BBQ Chicken Wings) I've had
in Malaysia. The skin is well roasted and packed with flavour!
The meat is soft, juicy and tender as well! We could smell
the BBQ inside the kitchen from where we were sitting!
Its a definite must order! Rm2.20 per piece. That plate there
worth 10 pieces of BCW!


The chicken satay was good, it wasn't the best tho, but still good. The chicken was soft and tender.
It wasn't cooked till black or burnt and it has minimal oil left. It didn't felt as oily as other Satays
around. The peanut sauce was mediocre. Nothing special, nothing bad, just nice.

Her parents ordered 6KG worth of crabs on the 1st round (Split 3kg on 2 plates)
and another 3KG for the 2nd round. The crabs were rather small, but with
small crabs comes easy breaking of the shells. Bigger crabs apparently are 
harder to crack. The meat was nice and tender. I could still taste the taste of
the ocean! The sauce was actually a little more spicy than expected. I personally
enjoyed it because of its added spiciness but most of her family couldn't take it.
Her sister's bf was sweating as if he just took a shower.

This was the toast that came with the crab. Apparently, this portion was served
as "10 bread". We were like, what the duck? How is that 10? I could only see
5 breads there. However, those sneaky little bastards divide the 5 breads into 
2 charging half a bread for the price of 1. Its just regular bread toast. Nothing
special. The downside of having this toast is that once its cold, its barely edible.

The fried rice! It wasn't as nice as Ding Tai Fung's fried rice but overall its
alright. Its a little egg-y but its not very salty. Almost very blend. Had to mix
crab sauce on the fried rice to give it flavour.

Eating crabs..with short hair!!

Look at the crabs!

Mountain of crabs!

Now with added prawns!

Finish the meal with a home-made kinda ice cream..? Mine was yam and hers
was melon flavoured. It was the uncle who bought these for us! Thank you!

28th January 2013
Today was a public holiday considering Thaipussam fell on a Sunday. Today is also pig's turn to trim her hair since her parents are finally paying for her. Without hesitation she agreed. She went to the salon and the stylish said that she had to trim 2 inches of her ends because of her damaged hair. She was reluctant at first but had no choice in the end. She wanted to leave long hair for our trip to Langkawi. But its okay, her hair is still long. She also chose to highlight her hair purplish-red-brown. I never get the point of highlight a dark colour since highlighting has always been used for lighter and bolder colours to give a kick to the hair. But according to her, she just wanna cover her goldish-rusted hair. The total was Rm238!!

The process! Took about 2 hours.

For dinner, I cooked spaghetti meat balls with Linguine! The meat balls were self made fresh from minced meat, mustard, rosemary and breadcrumbs with herbs. The sauce was made with fresh tomatoes and tomato puree with a small amount of normal water. the linguine was cooked on slow fire whilst the meatballs and sauce were cooking/simmering.


This marks the end of today's post! More food reviews will be added once I've headed to Penang for the class trip! Goodbye! D=

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