Happy New Year 2013

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I haven't been updating my blog for more than a year now, and I believe its time I update. This post will most likely portray a few highlight of the year, but, I may leave something out because I am not a photocopy machine that remembers every single detail of my past year. Also, I've gotten into my first relationship and we are currently at our 8th month. There's still a lot to learn and hopefully everything will fall to place. =D

Its the 1st of January 2013 and the day before my 2nd exam. Taylor's, they will fuck your life up in many ways. I mean, who on earth set the exam dates on New Year's Eve and the week ahead? Nonsense.

Anyhow, lunch was in a restaurant located at the bottom of Genting Highlands named 126 Seafood or something. Served good food, freshly cooked Cod Fish, BIGG prawns and simple veges. It was indeed very satisfying. 3 plates of rice down my fat tummy.

Besides that, I had my 1st trip to Australia for a week. I joined both my friends' family (a total of 10 people). We flew with fucking disastrous AirAsia, one of the worst airline I've ever set in. The seats were hard, the cushion was spongy, the walkway is cramp, the food was bad and I had to spend RM3 of 320ml of water. I think I bought more than 8 bottles for the entire flight.

Our luggage, along with my friend's family

LCCT - Lousy Crappy Costly Terminal.
No aircon for me, hot till wan die weih.

1st time taking AirAsia, departure have to walk under
the hot sun. Wazifook?

Arrival at night in Coolangatta. Cold at night! shiok
macam Genting

1st thing I checked out is Wifi. o0o have to pay

Our living room in the hotel

Me and my friends bedroom. No aircon, but cold
enough if you were to open the balcony

Our rental car in Gold Coast for the week! Australian
car company name Commodore or something like 

The kitchen! Clean and pure white

Balcony View!

T-rex at the entrance of Warner Brother's World

A picture of me and my friend taking photo with
Green Lantern and Flash

The Justice League on a car

Harry Potter magic jelly beans, fcking disgusting.

Warner Brother's shops and stuff

Surprise buttfucked on Wonder Women

Scooby-Doo in front of me...crazy

The Dark Knight!

Green Lantern flyinggggg....

Scooby-Doo driving...lolol

BIGGG Strawberriessss!! WEEEE..

Koala sleeping...SOOO CUTEEEEE...

More koala sleepinggg...so snugglyyy...

A modern hotel !

Coca-Cola band!

Gold Coast beach!

Me hugging Koala..so soft and fluffy...

Petting daahh Kangarooooo!!!



bird..bird..Finding Nemo...

Spongebob and Mrs Puff

Dog show lol...with boomerang


Kangaroo being lazy...

You dont say...?

Patrick, is that you?



Penguins formation.....

More penguins....

More penguins......

Fish...more fish...

Penguins...to warrr!!

Somewhere at shore.


Monkey in action!

Trying to be a photographical

A shot in Brisbane

Another thing that I wish to update is the new release of SNSD's comeback entitled "I got A Boy". 1 word, horrible. I am quite a fan of SNSD, but in this comeback, everything is just bad. The colourfull-ness of the new concept, Sunny's hair, their style and even their song, sounds like a horde of elephants and chimpanzees mixing their call of nature together. It sounds as if there is a mix of 4-5 different songs in one. It may only have 1 catchy tune which is the title itself  "I got a boy", but the rest of the song was just bad. This is only my opinion and its entirely up to anyone to feel as they want. But for me, I can say that I am deeply disappointed in them. The Boys' concept was such a great concept but its not longer keeping its standards anymore. I mean, even Hyoyeon (which is last on my list of favourite SNSD members) looks better than Sunny and Seohyun now, perhaps maybe its in the zone for her (Hyoyeon's hip-hop style). The other members feels like they are trying too hard. They are not longer young and they cant possibly pull of the "hip-hop" concept. They should go ballad if they have to. That aside, Yoona and Jessica look stunning in the new comeback, Tiffany looks like abit weird, Taeyeon looks like she put on some weight, Sooyoung looks skinny as ever (its a good thing), Yuri manage to get her abs back (also another good thing, not to mention her hair looks STUNNING!) and well, Hyoyeon looks better here.

Here is the MV :

Simplicity at its best.


Love her eyes. Blends well with her hair

This pose really is very stunning!

Yeap, thats all I have to say for now. Hopefully the next time I update I can post more photos on food and stuff..yeah..food..fat....

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