The Complete Homeowners Guide to Bathroom Upgrades!

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Believe it or not, my first project when I was interning at a Architecture firm was designing toilets. Back then, it felt a lot like a 'shitty job' (no pun intended), but I soon realised the importance of a great toilet or bathroom. 

Much like searching for a hotel, I'll always look for the cleanest if not prettiest bathroom I can find. It's pretty much 50% of my decision making right there. Which is why when it comes to bathrooms or toilets, I myself am pretty particular. 

Most of you might agree that the bathroom is possibly one of the most overlooked ares in your home, but one of the most commonly used and underappreciated areas. It's also considered as the most important room in the entire home - as you can live without a kitchen, but not without a bathroom.

It is also more prone to general wear-and-tear as compared to others. Moisture, steam and humidity generated in the bathroom is one of the main contributors. 

Now imagine finding your dream home on johor land, but the bathroom looks like it's still stuck in the 1980s. That wouldn't be very nice now would it? And after spending a fortune, I'm pretty sure you'll want your bathroom to look modern and sleek, if not classy and beautiful. So here are some tips that you might need, in order to refurbish your bathroom the more economical way. 

    Replace the tiles

One of the easiest way to give your bathroom a complete makeover is by replacing the tiles. I'd recommend a 2x2ft or a 1x2ft tiles in order to make it look more spacious. This is probably the most expensive part of the refurbishment but it does make a huge difference! 

The key is to keep the bright and simple, with monotonous color-scheme. Black, grey and white, with hints of brown or timber would elevate the look of the bathroom. I'd also recommend some mosaic tiles to play around with patterns or colors if you're the fun type of person. 

The refurbishment of the bathroom will not only make you enjoy showering, it'll also help increase the value of your property. To any new home buyers, chances are, they'll be looking closely to your toilet.

    Install a glass shower screen

Another great way to make your bathroom look spacious is by installing a glass shower screen. Not only does it take away the need for old-looking shower curtains, it also blends in 2 different space in one - the toilet and shower, without compromising aesthetics. If anything, it helps elevate it.

    Incorporate a bathroom vanity

Instead of just a boring sink, think of a complete vanity set with the sink installed. Also, pay attention to your mirrors as to whether it matches the counter top. With a touch of luxury, your property value will definitely increase.

    Refinish instead of replacing

Instead of replacing bathroom fixtures outright when they are still working well, you can opt to refinish them instead. For example, you can save a bundle by having your larger fixtures such as the bathtub resurfaced or having your faucets and hardware reglazed.

    Paint the walls

One of the cheapest ways to upgrade any room is to simply just give it a new paint job. Unlike other upgrades which might require professional help, painting is a job that you can do it yourself. A change in colour can refresh the look of any room and give it a new personality. However, do remember to select a paint that is suitable to the moist conditions of the bathroom. Select anti-fungal paint to save you trouble of constantly cleaning your bathroom walls.

    Update the smaller fixtures

If you're not looking to change anything huge, you could start by changing smaller fixtures within your bathroom. Start with the sink, if not the faucets or even the mirror. A slight upgrade will change the aesthetic and feel of the place. Call it a quick visual facelift. Even changing something as small as the door handles, or even the choice of soap dispenser will help!

    Play around with lighting

Lighting is key to setting the mood of your bathroom. If you're planning on dipping in your bathtub, or even taking a long shower, then a dim illuminating ambience would be the best fit. If your bathroom lacks natural light, then placing the right fixture will solve that. 

Accessorize with accents

Small details such as adding an interesting frame around your mirror or coordinating the materials of your fixtures and your furniture can go a long way in improving the aesthetics in your bathroom. You can also add decorative elements such as sconces on the walls or ceiling medallions around your hanging light fixtures to give your bathroom more decorative depth. 

    Consider professional cleaning

Though it may sound a little weird, hiring a professional cleaning service is actually quite common overseas. You don't want your bathroom to look or smell dirty, so why not get a cleaner (or have your cleaners) wash it up? Not only will it make you feel better when you enter, it'll be a lot more comforting to know that unwanted germs & bacterias thoroughly washed out. 

All and all, remember, the bathroom is just as important, if not more important than the other spaces in your home. Give it some love and I guarantee that it'll repay the favour

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