Greyhound Cafe @ ANSA, Jalan Bukit Bintang

12:57:00 PM

If you're looking for a quiet, classy and relaxing place to dine around KL; Pavilion, Lot 10, Sungei Wang etc, then Greyhound Cafe might just be the next best place. Situated in between Lot 10 and Fahrenheit 88. Greyhound Cafe is a concept from Thailand, serving a fusion of western and Thai delights in modern and contemporary setting. 

I'll have to say that the interior is absolutely gorgeous. 

Fresh Coconut Shake & Apple Shake - RM16/RM12

Loved the design of the Fresh Coconut Shake as that shade of blue really makes it pretty. The drink too was smooth, creamy and mildly sweet. As for the green apple, anyone who loves sour fruits will definitely enjoy this. 

Italian Style Clam & Mussel Soup - RM27

Followed by our first starter, a flavourful Italian Style Clam & Mussel Soup served with 3 bricks of toast. The broth itself was well packed with a good depth of flavour, as well as a generous amount of clams and mussels. The richness does translate well with the toast as it soaks up all that goodness. Overall, this was definitely well worth ordering. 

Prawn Bisque with Fresh Cream - RM27++

For those who are in love with the taste of prawns, I'd recommend going for this. The soup is slightly thicker, and it tasted a lot like pureed prawn shells in a soup. Super flavoursome, highly recommended.

Fried Rice with Dried Salty Fish - RM27++

Back to basics with something simple, fried rice with salted fish. To be fair, it's really tasty because it's salty and the dried fish gives it a nice bite. The rice however, wasn't as smoky as I'd like it to be, but overall, its good. 

Grilled Salmon Steak on Greed Bed - RM36

Something a little on the western side - a slab of deliciously grilled salmon steak topped with a pesto-like sauce, served on a bed of greens. It's chunky, flaky and grilled to tender perfection. The sauce also adds a little depth to the salmon. Overall, this dish is perfect for anyone looking for something light and easy. 

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Clams & Squid

A simple serving of aglio olio topped with a generous amount of clams and squid. The dish is really light, and personally, lacking in flavour. It's slightly spicy as well. 

Tenderloin Steak with Green Curry Sauce and Rice - RM38

A juicy slab of tenderloin steak cooked medium, douse in green curry sauce which gives it a really rich and creamy finish. Personally, the combination is a little odd, but the flavours were balanced. It also mixes well with rice, which is an additional plus for me. 

Young Coconut Crepe Cake - RM22

One of Greyhound Cafe's signature cakes, and definitely something worth trying. Layers of crepe stacked upon one another, filled with a light cream and stuffed with coconut flesh. The entire cake is mildly sweet yet flavoursome, and the added coconut flesh gave it texture and a squirt of refreshing coconut taste. 

Blueberry Cheesecake - RM16

A rich, decadent and tarty blueberry cheesecake. Without a doubt, this cake was indeed pretty good. However, I do recommend letting it chill a little before digging in as mine was a little hard and dense. Flavourwise - spot on. 

Overall, Greyhound Cafe poses as a really beautiful looking cafe with its fancy interior and service. However, the food sits quite closely to home, where most of what they offer is simple yet delicious. Definitely a place for dinner, highly recommend for tea-time as well. 


Lot No. 02, Ground Floor, ANSA Kuala Lumpur, 101, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 
Sunday - Thursday: 11am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am - 12am

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