Fashion Forest Walk @ Awana Genting

8:29:00 PM

Walking through the forest wouldn't be boring anymore with Genting's latest approach towards their Fashion Forest Walk. Like in any trekking, the forest itself is filled with natural wonders of nature. However, what makes this place really unique is the fact that the forest is wifi-enabled, with high-speed coverage at all areas.

But before we get into all that, here's how we got to Awana through Genting's latest cable car.

A whole new platform with newer cable cars! It's all clean and sparkly now.

The journey is roughly 10 minutes long if I remembered correctly. Each cabin also comes with its own USB charger! 

A short description of the fashion forest.

The journey begins. Here is where you can be connected to wifi. What's even more interesting is the fact that each 'species' are tagged with a QR code and scanning them will display info on your smartphone. 

It actually seems a lot like a walking Wikipedia.

The idea here is also to make outdoors and nature fun again, as well as spreading the word through social media. Thousands of acres of trees are constantly being cut down, and this is one way they are able to spread the love. 

For some reason I like this try very much. Look at those leaves. 

Oh, did I mention that they also have a version where the bottom panel is made out of glass? Pretty scary but fun nonetheless! So if you're looking for a place to trek and enjoy nature as a whole, do consider Genting Awana's Fashion Forest! 

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