Taiwan Recipe @ Pearl Shopping Center, KL

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Where would you be if you had a craving for Taiwanese cuisine? No idea? Well, then you have got to give Taiwan Recipe a try! It's located in Pearl Shopping Centre, though they have another outlet in Midvalley Megamall, Taiwan Recipe is a warm and cozy restaurant that offers an extensive array of well-cooked Taiwanese cuisine.

Sliced Pork Meat with Salted Vegetable Soup - RM26.90/RM22.90 (Set/Ala carte)

We started off with an appetizing bowl of sliced pork meat with salted vegetable soup. Each piece of pork was thinly sliced and cooked to tender perfection. There was a nice balance of fat to lean meat which I really like. 

The used of salted vegetables also helped cut through that richness from the pork, and gives it a nice acidity as well as a lift of flavour. The soup is tangy and savoury, which works great when poured over rice. Overall, loved it!

3 Cups Chicken - RM23.90/RM19.90 (Set/Ala carte)

Next up, we had something a little more savoury called the 3 cups chicken. Now I don't know why it's called that way, but the obvious use of dark soy sauce is evident. It's also rather sweet and the chicken was cooked to tender perfection. It's a rich dish that really needs a bowl of rice to compliment. Not my favourite but certainly did enjoyed it. 

Minced Pork Stew Rice - RM14.90/RM10.90 (Set/Ala carte)

Now this is what I enjoyed most (apart from the pork sliced and salted vegetables). Each bowl comes with a generous amount of perfectly cooked and seasoned minced pork topped on rice and served with a full boiled eggs, salted vegetables and cucumber. The dish is incredibly simple but well packed with flavour. Dive into this and savour the richness and saltiness from the pork and sauce! Highly recommended.

Claypot Lou Shi Fun - RM15.90

We also had a humble serving of Claypot Lou Shi Fun, which is cooked quite nicely where the noodles are still bouncy and firm, yet soft enough to just swallow whole. It's comforting and quite delicious indeed. 

Moonlight Prawn Cake - RM15.90/RM25.90 (4 pcs/8 pcs)

Believe it or not, this set of 'pancakes' was actually really good. I was certainly impressed by crispiness on the skin and firmness in the center. The texture was just right, where the balance was not only inviting, but addictive as well. Flavours were great and the added chilli gave it a slight kick. Absolute delicious and highly recommended! 

Mango Snowy Ice - RM13.90

Those who enjoy shaved iced will loved this! It's smooth, it's fluffy and it's really light. It also literally melts in your mouth without the need to chew on ice. Flavours were great and mangoes were fresh - lovely! There are also different fruits and flavours available. 

Bonsai Ice Cream - RM5.90

Last but not least, we also had a pretty cute serving of Bonsai-looking ice cream. It comes in either chocolate or vanilla, topped with crushed oreos. 

All and all, Taiwan Recipe certainly had more to offer than I'd imagine. There were also several glasses of drinks which I wasn't able to retrieve from my SD card but I can assure you, they are quite addictive. I personally would recommend the Sour Plum Ice Blended for those who enjoy sour stuff and the Eight Treasure Tea for a more relaxing encounter. In short, it is indeed a warm place with an array of well-cooked dishes.


Lot 1.0.27 and 1.0.32 Ground Floor, Pearl Point Shopping Mall, Batu 5, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 10.30am - 10.30pm

Tel: 03-7971 7776

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