Mezze Bar & Bistro's New Year Menu 2016 @ Medan Damansara, KL

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For those who have missed the Christmas menu, you can read on them here: Mezze 2016 Christmas Menu as this is the New Year's menu that was just introduced recently.

New Year Menu: Choice of Starters - Choose 1

Lobster Salad with Persimmon Fruit

Starting off strong with a perfectly cooked, fresh and plump serving of lobster with a side of leafy greens and persimmon. The dish was both light and flavourful, which makes it a great starter.

Crab Chowder with Sweet Corn Foam

Though it may look rather simple, this dish was actually well packed with flavour. The smooth and rich taste of crab coupled with a vibrantly sweet corn in a velvety chowder certainly does provide that sort of Christmas-feeling. The dish was also nicely seasoned and personally my preferred starter.

Roast Vegetables with Chimichurri Dressing

I personally love vegetables so this was pretty good. I loved how all the vegetables were thinly sliced and wrapped around each other, allowing for a better play of textures and flavours. It is also seasoned to perfection, which was great!

New Year Menu: Choice of Mains - Choose 1

Cod Fish with Macadamia Crunch & Spelt Risotto

A beautifully baked piece of cod fish served on a bed of crushed macadamia nuts and risotto, finished with hazelnut puree and a side of roasted vine tomatoes. A simple dish with an extremely play of texture. The cod fish was fresh, flaky and plump. Cutting through it is like cutting through butter - lovely. 

Roast Duck Fillet with Coffee & Peach Coulis

A gorgeous chunk of duck breast pan seared to perfection. A skin so crisp and fat that it will melt in your mouth, whereas the flesh had a nice bite to it. The dish was also seasoned nicely and the flavours were without a doubt, evident. 

Tournedo Rossini with Royale Sauce & Foie Gras

Now this my friends, is what life is all about. Look at the perfectly medium steak with a nice sear on the edge. If that wasn't enough, it is topped with a generous portion of foie gras, enriching what is already incredibly flavourful and tender. The chewiness of the steak coupled with the melt-in-your mouth foie gras was absolutely divine. This definitely is a dish worth dying for. 

New Year Menu: Choice of Desserts - Choose 1

Profiterole with Vanilla Ice Cream

Cute little niblets with vanilla ice cream in the middle, topped with a hot chocolate sauce and Bailey's custard. It's quite similar to cream puffs, which was great. 

Douceur Cafe Caramel

Though I'm not too sure what this is, it was quite enjoyable. 3 different layers of liquid stacked upon one another, creating a plethora of flavours that just somehow worked. It was also cold, so that was nice. 

In short, the New Year Menu, like the Christmas Menu, was fantastic. I did enjoy the steak very much, whereas the others were pretty good as well. 

This New Year Menu will only be available on the 31st of December 2016 - New Year's Eve. Reservation will be necessary and the price is set at RM185++ per pax. There's also a choice of wine for an additional RM140 for 4 glasses


132, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 4pm - 1am

Tel: 03-2095 0122

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