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Thai and Japanese cuisine has been around Malaysia for as long as anyone could remember. They're both individually unique, with its own unique sets of flavour, presentation and of course, culture. However, what if I were to tell you that someone has actually manage to merge them 2 together? And something that is delicious, unique and one of a kind? Well, that's Sanoook! 

The name may sound a little odd but do bare with me as what you're about to find out is pure awesomeness. 

Sanoook is a combination of Thai & Japanese, and it recently opened its doors around early August in Sunway Pyramid Hotel West. The new block linked right next to Sunway Pyramid 2.

Sanoook Salad - RM29.90

This may look fairly weird, but its a great combination between Japanese cucumber wrapped with torched salmon, avocado, baked apples, onions, cherry tomatoes, greens, baked apple and a light dressing. I can't exactly remember what are those crispy things on top, but it does give it a more vibrant and crunchy texture. 

Salmon Belly Skewer with Lime Chili Sauce - RM77.90
Chicken Skewer with Massaman Sauce - RM32.90

Though I may not agree with the price, these skewers were absolutely delicious. The salmon belly was not only grilled to perfection, but had a nice char on the edge as well as a good pinch of seasoning. The lime chilli sauce too works great in cutting through all that richness from the fat, and just lifts everything up. 

The chicken skewer on the other hand is a little bit more normal, but the sauce itself is great. A good depth of flavour as well as perfectly cooked chicken thighs - lovely!

Tuna with Tomyam Sauce Sushi Roll - RM27.90

Everything on this plate was done right - but nothing out of the ordinary. What made this dish unique however, was the awesome homemade tomyam sauce. It has a nice kick as well as richness and added flavour that just helps the sushi to its fullest potential. To top things off, the ebiko on top gave it that added crunch as well. Definitely one of my favourites. 

Tom Yam Soup with River Prawn - RM23.90

Thai food wouldn't be complete without a serving of tom yam. What Sanoook has done was absolutely delightful as the tom yam broth was not only rich, but it had a great depth of flavour. It is also spicier than most, alongside fresh river prawns and mushrooms, the entire dish was undeniably delicious. This goes great with rice or simply on its own. Highly recommended!

Pan Fried Tuna Steak with Spinach & Mixed Mushrooms - RM28.90

Personally, I'm not too much a fan of these types of dishes as I felt that it has lost its identity. Having said that, Sanoook's version was acceptable. Not because the tuna was cooked beautifully, but rather how the flavours mixed pretty well with one another. The teriyaki sauce that comes with it is light yet flavourful enough to wrap things up. The difference in texture between the tuna, spinach, mushroom and crunchy bits on top was enjoyable. All and all, it may not have been my favourite dish but I can see why it's good. 

Chicken Burger with Teriyaki Sauce - RM17.90

Let us not forget about this! Rice burger with a slab of deliciously tender, chicken thighs, teriyaki sauce, pineapple and vegetables. The burger itself was fairly unique, though it has been done before. Fortunately, everything was cooked nicely and the burger doesn't break as easily as some others out there. Good flavour, fun to eat and definitely filling. 


For some reason we had this after all of that, which wasn't exactly a bad thing as the slices of salmon were incredibly thick and juicy. Spread a little wasabi and dip it in soy sauce! Lovely!

Fresh Durian Ice Cream with Coconut Milk - RM21.90

If you think that durian can't get any richer, well, you're quite wrong. This dessert certainly has elevated the meaning of durian by having it submerged in coconut milk. The result is a smooth, creamy and amazingly delicious bowl of durian ice cream. Made with real durian, you could smell this dish even when it's on its way. 

Thai Volcano - RM18.90

Last but not least, some sort of bingsu/ice kacang. Not that it's a bad thing as this was my favourite ending dessert between the two. The durian simply was too rich for that particular meal of mine hence I preferred this ice kacang instead. The lovely taste of Thai milk tea together with finely shaved ice, chewy balls and bread certainly went well together. In any case, I preferred mine to be icy instead of watery, so feel free to request so if you have any preference. 

All and all, Sanoook certainly has something fresh and new. Thankfully, not everything on the menu is out of the blue as there were some that were classics you can find elsewhere. The most important part is that most of what I had were cooked and seasoned beautifully, and I can definitely see myself coming back for more. 


Lot 4, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid West Hotel, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Operating hours: 
Mon – Wed |10am – 11pm
Thu – Sat | 10am – 12am
Sun | 10am  – 11pm

Tel: 03-5650 5196

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